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Lineage II: Salvation and merge of Asgard and Helheim


Dear friends, we are finally ready to present Your attention the most recent and up-to-date update of Lineage II: Salvation after a lot of work. Following GameCoast standard, the server uses the latest official build, which includes the latest updates and the absolute implementation in the form in which it was conceived by the developers.

But the update is not the only important news for Lineage II players. The expected merge of Asgard and Helheim servers will be made as part of the upgrade. Having examined the situation in detail, we came to conclusion that Helheim has already grown to a level that allows it to fight with his older brothers from Asgard. We try to take into account all aspects and nuances of the integration of game servers, and we will be ready to talk about the details within a few days.


  • Server Helheim x10 becomes the main server after merger;
  • First of all, characters from x10 remain on the account, and all free slots on the account will be fullfield by characters from x7 (in order of their experience).  In case the needed character turned out to be "above the norm", it can be restored by technical support;
  • Instead of Topaz, Asgard x7 players will receive special items for exchange them to other stones; 
  • Castels and clan halls remain as on Helheim x10;
  • The time of appearance of all RBs and other game moments remains as on Helheim x10;
  • The result of Chaos Festival will be reset;
  • If the name of character or name of clan coincides, the prefix "-x7" will be added. Technical support will exchange your nickname for any other.

So, on March 14 (the exact time will be announced later) the servers will be shut down for all necessary technical work, which will take from two to four hours. Of course, in case of difficulties, there can be departure from a schedule, in any case, during the whole update we will keep you informed of the process and its stages.

This topic will be updated with new information.

Following the links below, you will be able to get acquainted with useful materials regarding the update.

10add45854bb96ac107993a882d8.png 8104cc6e70044f40d2dd20ca6037.png

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