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Runes and scrolls for the new players of Asgard server

Dear friends, due to the upgrade of the Asgard server to Grand Crusade, we decided to facilitate the start for new players who want to join world of our game for the first time.

Now, when you create a new character, you will receive the following temporary items:









XP Rune I (Lv. 1-85) 100% (7-day)




Ancient characters which bestow a mysterious ability if stored in the inventory. Increases acquired XP and SP by 100%. The effect only applies to characters below level 86. The remaining time decreases even when not playing.


Item 23872.jpg

Prestige Rune 50% (7-day)




When possessed in the inventory while hunting, Drop and Spoil rate +50%, amount of dropped Adena +50%.


Item 23340.jpg

Scroll: Replenish Vitality (Top-grade) 7-day




Replenishes Vitality to maximum when used. Cooldown is 60 min.


Item 34082.jpg

Heavenly Cocktail




For 60 minutes, receives the following Lv. 2 effects: Horn Melody, Guitar Melody, Pipe Organ Melody, Lute Melody, Harp Melody, and Drum Melody. Cooldown is 60 min.

This action is permanent, in the future it will be adjusted for new conditions, based on the needs of players. You can always offer your idea in technical support and we will definitely consider it.

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