How to update the existing client

It's often arises the situation when you transfer to the server and you already have some game client, so you do not want to download our full version. In this case, you can update it. To do this:

1. Install launcher
2. Open the main folder of launcher (the folder is on one level higher then launcher.exe location: click on the shortcut of the launcher, select "file location" and rise up to a higher level in the window that opens)
3. Take your existing client, move/copy it into this folder and call the client's folder "aion" without the quotes
So you'll have a similar structure:

4. Now you need to run the launcher via a shortcut on the desktop and wait until it updates the client, that's all.

Warning: if the protection gives a warning about any dll file, remove aion/bin32 folder and double-check the client!

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