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Advantages of the official platform



GameCoast is the original project of game servers, we use only the original server and Lineage II is not an exception. The most recent update for Lineage II: Ep. 3.0: Helios will be the first game server of the project. We are not asking you to take at our bare word, we offer you the latest L2 in the original performance. All interested persons are invited to make the OBT.

Why is the original platform better:


  • In the case of the latest update of game it is the only variation, which can be played normally. Emulators are always lagging behind in implementation.
  • The original server it is always the best performance of any gaming mechanism.
  • Retail-server was tested by developers in Korea's largest online rates for this game.

Our team has a large experience in supporting and working with the original Lineage2 servers, we engaged for many years in projects on this platform and examined it in all possible details. We have a professional team of programmers to handle any task. Best platform + top team = best game project!

In the course of the OBT preparation and its start, we are happy to answer all your questions and try to dispel doubts about the truth of our words, it will be easy. Lineage2 veterans will immediately recognize the perfections of the original platform, and newcomers will still receive the best available Lineage2 in the world.


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