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[Event] May Day Stir

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Time of the event: 01.05.2021 9:00 - 17.05.2021 9:00 by Moscow Time

In the capitals of the races, all Daevas are waiting for the guild of good magicians, led by the Spiritmaster Rolly and the Sorcerer Airin!

In addition, a magic fountain with mysterious power has appeared in the capitals. You can get the Blessing of heaven (a valuable reward!) by throwing a [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom into the fountain.


How do I get the [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom?

1. For being in the game: For every hour the player receives a [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom, but no more than 4 pieces per day. The re-cycle time starts at 9: 00 (Moscow time). The award is given to the character.

2. After killing the final boss in the dungeons: after killing, you can get a [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom (for each player in the party) and [Jakunerk] Love Powder (falls to one player in the party).

List of dungeons:

3. Daily reward for talking to Sorcerer Airin: You need to talk to the Sorcerer Airin and get one [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom per day.

4. By killing opponents of the opposite race: After talking to the Spiritmaster Rolly, Daeva receives a daily task to fight 15 opponents in enemy territory (elyos – Vengar, asmo – Signia).  Tasks can be obtained 3 times a day! Reward: [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom (2 pcs).
In addition, Spiritmaster Rolly can get a weekly task to kill 40 enemies in the allotted time in Akaron. Reward for completing the task in Akaron: [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom (8 pcs)

5. Quest to find a magic flower in the field
Elyos / Asmo collect flowers intended for their race in enemy territory (Signia, Vengar + Akaron). The character meets the NPC "Magic Flower" (Yellow Magic Bloom (Elyos), Red Magic Bloom (Asmo), White Magic Bloom (Elyos / Asmo)) – by clicking on the flower, the player can get a [Jakunerk] Magic Bloom.



In Akaron, you can find: yellow magic flower, red magic flower, white magic flower. During the event, the respawn of the flowers will change!


In Signia, you can find: red magic flower, white magic flower. During the event, the respawn of the flowers will change!  They can be found in either Zone 1 or  Zone 2


In Vengar, you can find: yellow magic flower, white magic flower. During the event, the respawn of the flowers will change!  They can be found in either Zone 1 or  Zone 2

By throwing a petal into the fountain, Daeva can receive one of the following gifts:

[Jakunerk] Special Gift of Magic Blooms
[Jakunerk] Gift of Magic Blooms

[Jakunerk] Faded Magic Bloom

By Connecting  [Jakunerk] Petals and [Jakunerk] Love Powder (by clicking on one of the items), Daeva will be able to get [Jakunerk] Special Gift of Magic Blooms


[Jakunerk] Gift of Magic Blooms:


[Jakunerk] Special Gift of Magic Blooms:


[Ивент] Ящик с никами лунного кролика 1
Мешочек с хорошими реликвиями 1
[Ивент] Питательное желе 10
[Ивент] Усиленное редкое зелье восстановления 10
Элитное чудесное зелье ветра 10
Волшебный камень 2
Волшебная пыль 1000
Черная краска 1
Белая краска 1
Мешочек с почетными составными маг. камнями Бездны 1
[Ивент] Усилитель камней III (герой) 150
[Ивент] Усилитель камней III (мифич.) 150
[Ивент] Мешочек со свитками перевоплощения (Bag of Powerful Scrolls) 2
Сверкающий волшебный камень 1
Шкатулка с божественным пером 1
Сундук с ослепительным оружием посланника 1
[Ивент] Ящик с величественным оружием верховного магистра арены 1
[Ивент] Ящик с оружием Тахабаты 1
[Ивент] Эфирный пудинг Джираки 5
Мешочек с идианом успеха 1
[Ивент] Шкатулка с ключом испытаний 1
Очищенная вода неприступности 1
[Ивент] Ящик с крыльями Гипериона 1
[Ивент] Ящик с мифическими доспехами Гипериона 1
[Ивент] Святая вода аугментации 1
[Ивент] Ящик с мифическим оружием Гипериона 1
[Ивент] Ящик со священным оружием командира Сауро 1
Сундук с легендарным сияющим оружием мастера 1
Снегомобиль (Not temporary) 1

Additionally, with a small chance, you can get:
[Ивент] Одинокий листочек 1


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