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[Event] Summer Mood

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Date 27.02.2021 09:00 to 13.03.2021 08:59 Moscow time.

Daevas from level 55+, hurry up to participate in this new fruitfully event. In the capitals of the races, you will find 2 new NPC's - Frurinerk & Hurunerk. The new guests do not tolerate the winer, so they are asking you to bring them vitamins from all over the Atreia in exchange for valuable rewards.

From where can I get these fruits ?

[Jakunerk] Apple can be obtained in Levinshor from the monsters, but with a smaller chance of drop:
- Aggressive Basin Kaliv
- Tiamat Bloodwing
- Shadow Crynac
- Plateau Ettin
- Looter of the Plateau Ettin

[Jakunerk] Fig can be obtained from the dungeons (Drops to every member of the group/alliance):
Raksang (Nasto)
Linkgate Foundry (Fierce Belsagos)
Rentus Base (General Vasharti)
Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)
Ophidan Bridge (Merciless Belkur)
Danuar Reliquary (Furious Grendal the Witch)
Sauro Supply Base 1/2 key(s) (Guard Leader Acradim, Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army)
Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
Dragon Lord's Refuge (Flame Lord Calindi, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
Illuminary Obelisk (Dynatum Prototype)
Infernal Danuar Reliquary (Raging Grendal the Witch)
Infernal Illuminary Obelisk (Converted Dynatum Prototype)
Occupied Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)
Draken Depths (Beritra's Shroud, Beritra's Claw)
Padmarashka's Cave (Padmarashka)
Anguished Dragon Lords' Refugeв (Flame Lord Calindi, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
The Eternal Bastion (Steel Wall Bastion Treasure Chest)


After 10 minutes passed since you have entered the game, an item will be displayed in your inventory [Jakunerk] Mysterious Fruit Basket (1 time per day, resets at 09:00 moscow time, from level 55-65).
The box disappears from your inventory after 5 hours from the moment you have received it. You can open the box only 10 times in the 5 hours.
Once every 30 minutes, you can get one fruit out of 2: [Jakunerk] Orange & [Jakunerk] Pineapple, the drop is random. All fruits are transferable..
By connecting all four fruits by clicking on them, you will get [Jakunerk] Fresh Fruit Salad, which Frurinerk is very excited about. He will be very happy to exchange it for a gift.
By accumulating the right amount of fruit to complete Hurunerk quests, you can also earn rewards like - Kinah, EXP points and [Jakunerk] Fig.

[Jakunerk] Frurinerk's Gift:

Contents: (Only 1 item drop)
Group 1 (randomly)
[Jakunerk] Beshu Cocktail х10
Jakunerk] Chest containing Victory Wish Food х2
[Jakunerk] Noble Bundle of Elemental Defence х2
[Jakunerk] Noble Scroll Bundle х2
[Jakunerk] Fortified Crit Strike Scroll х10
[Jakunerk] Fortified Anti-Shock Scroll х10
[Jakunerk] Fortified Crit Spell Scroll х10

Group 2 (randomly)
Magic Powder x333
Magic Powder x666
Enchantment Stone x1
Glowing Enchantment Stone x1

Group 3 (randomly)
[Jakunerk] Noble Potion Bundle х1
[Jakunerk] Noble Serum Bundle х1

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