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Rafael GC

Freya's Fortune

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There is snow and frost outside the window and in the world of Elmoraden it is warm and holiday. After all, the queen of winter has come to us, Freya! Now everyone can purchase her magic Freya's Lucky Sticks, which are filled with her winter magic.

Event details
– After maintenance on 18.02.2021 in L2 Store will appear Freya's Fortune Stick 2021, from which you can get useful items.
– All items obtained during the promotion will stay in characters inventories.





Sales Period


bm_freya_wand.png Freya's Fortune Stick 2021

22 RUB.


February 18 – March 11 (3 weeks)

– When opening bm_freya_wand.png Freya's Fortune Stick 2021, you will receive Роза.jpg Glittering Freya's Ice Rose (2 pcs.), шторм.jpg Glittering Freya's Scroll of Storm (6 pcs.) with 100% chance and one of Freya's Chests with certain chance.
– The stick is a basic box that contains two items that are obtained with a 100% chance, as well as a random chest with a reward. In this case, the reward chest may not drop at all.

Freya's Chests
There are 3 types of Freya's chests, all of which contain valuable items.


  • Развития.jpgFreya's Growth Chest;
  • Дракона.jpg Freya's Dragon Chest;
  • Сокровищами.jpg Freya's Treasure Chest.

Развития.jpg Freya's Growth Chest
When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Дракона.jpg Freya's Dragon Chest

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Сокровищами.jpg Freya's Treasure Chest 

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items:

Good luck!

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