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Rafael GC

[Contest] New year L2 card

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 Dear friends!

We heartily wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! To celebrate this holidays we want to start the fan art contest.

Contest "New year L2 card"

New year is one of the most wonderful holiday, which is eagerly awaited by children and adults. This is time of gifts, wish fulfillment and real magic. 
We ask you to reflect in your contest works the atmosphere of this holiday among characters of the Lineage II. And contest subject will help you the most  — because our competition theme is sincere wishes to each other 😃

December 17. 2020 - January 8, 2021.

Idea and design: Postcard; Theme: New year.

You need to come up with your own "card", which depict the character from Lineage 2 in the new year style. Also, your image has to have some text with a New Year greeting like "Happy New Year!". Example:

  Скрыть содержимое

Без имени-2.jpg

Contest rules:

  1. The minimum work size should be 1024х512. Size can be increased and orientation can be both horizontal or vertical;
  2. Only one work can be accepted from each participant, you need to post it along with several images of your work process;
  3. The work can be done in a convenient way for you: in a graphics editor, drawn on paper with a pencils, paints, etc.;
  4. The work should be drawn from scratch. Collages, remake screenshots and compiles will not be accepted;
  5. Full copying of existing arts is not allowed;
  6. The GameCoast logo must be present on the work (logo1 or logo2);
  7. Content of the work should correspond to the contest concept. The administration reserves right to moderate content that does not match the contest subject;
  8. Published works should not violate the rules of the forum;
  9. The administration reserves right to remove obscene or offensive works;
  10. This topic is intended only for discussion of the competition rules, you should post your works in this topic.
  11. Publication of works in the relevant topic!

Our winners will be announced within a week of the end of the competition.
1st place - 10,000 rubles on the MA balance;
2nd place - 7,000 rubles on the MA balance;
3rd place - 5,000 rubles on the MA balance;
4th place - 3,000 rubles on the MA balance;

5th place - 1,500 rubles on the MA balance.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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