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Rafael GC

[Photo contest] My Christmas tree

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Dear friends!

We would like to congratulate you on the upcoming 2021 year, as well as to launch a photo contest.

Photo contest "My Christmas tree"

New year is one of the most favorite and bright holidays, which is celebrated with pleasure in many countries of the world. The holiday itself and the memories of it evoke vivid feelings and emotions of joy, pleasure, expectation of something special, happiness, love, care for each other, for their beloved ones, and all people are very similar in this.
You can show your "forest beauty" and the atmosphere of this joyful holiday in this competition. Participants with the most original works will receive good prizes from the Administration.

Contest period: December 17, 2020 - January 8, 2021.

About the rules:
- You need to post no more than 2 photos in comments to this topic;
- The logo of our project must be posted on the photo - "GameCoast" Written on a sheet;
- The work has to be aligned to the subject of the contest - Christmas tree at home; 
- Each photo can be posted just from 1 participant; 
- Using of the photoshop or other graphics editors is allowed only for the background or effects that make details of a photo clearer; 
- Each participant must specify the nickname of the character along with their work.
Publication of works in the relevant topic!

Additional condition:
- The works of the participants will be evaluated in accordance with the fulfilled conditions of the competition; 
- It is prohibited to post not your photos - disqualification;
- Be sure to add the raw material after using graphics editors;
- Administration is the jury, likes are not considered. The final list of winners is not subject to appeal. 

1st place - 5,000 rubles on the balance of the master account;
2nd place - 3,000 rubles on the balance of the master account;
3rd place - 2,000 rubles on the balance of the master account;
4th place - 1,500 rubles on the balance of the master account;
5th place - 1,000 rubles on the balance of the master account.

Publication of your works!


Our winners:

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