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Rafael GC

The best time is now

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With the abundance of gifts and events that have imbued Elmoraden, it's important not to forget about leveling up your character. Especially now, when special server settings are applied until 28 of December: get more clan reputation, gain experience while hunting in special zones and get more rewards!

Event duration

The event will last for 2 weeks: from 14 of December till 28 of December.

Special hunting zones rewards



– During the event, the amount of experience and rewards in the session zones will be increased:


Hunting zone



Abandoned Coal Mines

99 – 105

– Gained EXP and SP are increased by 1.2 times.

Storm Isle

100 – 130

– Gained EXP and SP are increased by 2 times.

Primeval Isle

105 – 130

– The amount of gained Crystals of Dawn is increased by 2 times.
– The amount of gained Enchant Scrolls* is increased by 2 times.

Golden Altar (Isle of Souls)

107 – 130

– Duration of the "Adena Boost" effect:  15 sec. → 30 sec.

Tower of Insolence (Lower Floor)

110 – 130

– The chance of getting the Improved Rune Stone is doubled (except for elite monsters).

Imperial Tomb

105 – 130

– Gained EXP and SP for completing the "Tomb Raiders" quest is increased by 2 times.

* "Enchant Scrolls" refers to all enchant scrolls obtained in the "Primeval Isle" location.

Clan missions



– During the event, the amount of clan reputation points that a character receives for completing all clan missions is doubled.
– The amount of personal reputation for completing missions has not changed

Augmentation discount



– During the event, when augmenting items, the Adena commission is reduced by 50%.
– At the same time, the needed R Gemstones are not changed.
– The list of the involved Life Stones:

  • Aria's Spirit Stone;
  • Giant's Energy Spirit Stone;
  • Great Brooch Augmenting Stone;
  • Weapon Augmenting Stone;
  • Armor Augmenting Stone;
  • Circlet Augmenting Stone;
  • Accessory Augmenting Stone;
  • Rare Accessory Spirit Stone;
  • Dragon Weapon Augmenting Stone;
  • Mid-grade Weapon Augmenting Stone;
  • High-grade Weapon Augmenting Stone;
  • Top-grade Weapon Augmenting Stone;
  • Superior Weapon Augmenting Stone.

Good luck!

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