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Dear friends, with an update of the server Fenrir x10, will launch a classic event - Letter by letter, in which you need to kill a lot of monsters and collect all possible letters.

Event Period

  • The event Letter by letter  start after maintenance on 02.11.2020 and ends on 16.11.2020
  • Available for characters with Lv. 100 or higher. For characters below Lv. 100, the Reward button will be inactive.
  • The following items will be deleted after event end's:
    • All Event Letters

Event Description

The main goal of the event is to collect as many letters as possible to create the maximum number of LINEAGEII, TOGETHER and NCSOFT words. Exchange your words for wonderful gifts and become the legend of the letter collecting event;

  • letters do not drop at locations below Lv. 100;
  • Event letters cannot be obtained from raid bosses and their minions, but can be obtained in Special Hunting Zones
  • Note that the drop penalty is applied if hunting dark-blue, blue or green monsters
  • Event letters are dropped on the ground, you need to pick them up.
  • Premium subscription, Vitality system and Maphr's Rune do not affect event item drop rate.
  • Note, that there are happy hours with the increased letter drop rate. This list below will help you to coordinate your actions:
    • 00:00 – 10:00 - drop probability x1;
    • 10:00 – 18:00 - drop probability x4;
    • 18:00 – 00:00 - drop probability x8.
  • The chance of drop event items directly depends on the number of characters simultaneously killing monsters at a time. It means that the chance of a drop usually decreases during peak hours (daytime and evening). For the even distribution of event items in the worlds during these hours, the above bonus to the drop rate is valid.


To get the reward, use the handy interface below:


  • As soon as all the components of the word are collected, the letters will be highlighted in the event window – this means that the reward can be obtained by simply clicking on the appropriate button.
  • To receive a reward, the inventory must have at least one free slot.
  • Click on the cube with the image of the letter on the sidebar to open the mini window of the event, and then the Button Collector of Letters - the main interface will appear.

Letter Event - Cubic and Sub-Window part 2.png

  • Then exchange the whole word for a reward by clicking on the Reward button above the corresponding word.
  • You can only get the reward on the character of the Lv. 100 or higher. For characters below the Lv. 100, the Reward button will be inactive.



Dragon Weapon Pack (Standard)
Dragon's Ring
Dragon's Earring
Dragon's Necklace
Dragon Claw
Accessory Augmenting Stone
Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Chapter 1
Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery
Support Artifact Pack
Attack Artifact Pack
Defense Artifact Pack
Balance Artifact Pack
Superior Giant's Codex - Chapter 1
Elcyum Crystal
Lucky Growth Scroll
Festival Fairy's Growth Scroll
Freya's Charisma Potion
Superior Giant's Codex
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Brooch
Freya's Ice Rose
Freya's Scroll of Storm
Package: Feather of Blessing




Dragon Weapon Box (Fragment)
+10 Eternal Light Armor Capsule
+10 Eternal Robe Capsule
+10 Eternal Heavy Armor Capsule
Dragon Weapon Augmenting Stone
Giant's Energy Spirit Stone
Destruction Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon
Artifact Crystal
Crystal of Dawn
Crystal of Dyes
Shillien's Soul Crystal Box
Artifact Fragment
Freya's Ice Rose
Lucky Growth Scroll
Honey Vitality Beer
Freya's Scroll of Storm
Freya's Luck Potion
Elcyum Crystal
R-grade Crystal
R-grade Gemstone




+10 Fallen Angel's Ring Pack
Sayha's Talisman Lv. 10
Sayha's Talisman Lv. 9
Epic Talisman
Heavenly Talisman
Bottle of Valakas' Soul
Bottle of Antharas' Soul
Venir's Talisman Lv. 16
Circlet Augmenting Stone
Brooch Augmenting Stone
Jewel Energy
Star Sign
Rune Stone
Artifact Crystal
Talisman of Wind Pack
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Artifact Book
Festival Fairy's Growth Scroll
Honey Vitality Beer
Scroll: Enchant Superior Seed Bracelet
Freya's Charisma Potion
Freya's Scroll of Storm
Mysterious Blessed R-grade Spiritshot
Mysterious R-grade Soulshot
Package: Feather of Blessing (1 pc.)

Good luck!

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will there be window limit?

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