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Rafael GC

Ghosts and sweets in Elmoraden

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On this wonderful night, the ghost of the Pumpkin flew to us to kill all the vampires and celebrate Halloween.

Event Duration

  • 30.10.20 ~ 07.11.20 will be the main period of event: NPC Pumpkin Ghost will appear.
  • 07.11.20 event ends. NPC Pumpkin Ghost leave Elmoraden and will take away such items:
    • Halloween masks
    • Halloween Mask Box
    • Halloween Candy Box
    • Halloween Candy

Event Details

Punpkin Ghost will appear in all towns. Talk to him to get Pumpkin Ghost's Great Candy buff and Halloween mask. You can find Pumpkin Ghost easily by /target Pumpkin Ghost


Halloween Candy can be obtained by hunting monsters (60+). Take them to the Pumpkin Ghost to exchange them for different prizes.

When the buff expires, a Halloween Candy Box is automatically placed in your inventory.
Halloween Candy Box
can be obtained every time the Pumpkin Ghost's Great Candy expires (1 hour). Halloween Candy Box cannot be obtained if the character is dead or the inventory is full.

Opening the Halloween Candy Box, you can get 3 Halloween masks or Halloween Candy (from 10 to 1000).

Opening Halloween Mask Box, you get one of Halloween masks (Super Strong Giant, Shriek, Red Devil, Mummy, Alien, or Golden Jack O'Lantern)

Good Luck!

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