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Rafael GC

Oriana's Lucky Draw Event

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Event Duration

  • 22.10.20 ~ 30.10.20 will be the main period of lottery with valuable prizes for all players;
  • 30.10.20 lottery will end and all event items would be removed

Event Details

After maintenance Golden Girl Oriana will appear in all big towns. She'll start a lottery to find the best recruits for the Balthus Order. You can find Oriana easily by /target Oriana.


All characters of Lv. 61+ can talk to Oriana to obtain special event item: Oriana’s Lucky Draw Supply Item. Please note, only one character per account can receive this item.


You will receive 6 Oriana’s Disguised Clothing, at a double-click. They are necessary for participation in the lottery (can be used only by characters Lv. 61+).


The supplies can be used every day once, it means you can obtain from supplies only 3 per day. The cooldown reset at 6:30 (+3 UTC) server time everyday. To enter in the Lucky Draw, use Oriana’s Disguised Clothing to apply appearance buff. The effect lasts for one hour and is required to participate in the hourly drawing for rewards. The lottery has a special event window where you can track the status. You are not required to do anything special to participate, just get the buff and be online.

Lottery Details:

  • Every hour there will be 5 attempts to draw the winner. Every attempt is marked in the event window.


  • Every attempt has a chance to draw a winner (not 100%). It may happen that no one gets the main reward.
  • Attempt time is random. If all 5 tries happened, but no winner was found, the new round will start.
  • If the indicator is grey that means the draw for this hour is over:


  • If there's a winner, the round stops and the event continues with the start of a new hour.
  • A character has to be online and buffed to be eligible for the prize.
  • Every day has 24 rounds = 24 hours. New main prize every hour. At 12:00 the first round starts. At 11:00 next day the last 24th round of the series starts.
  • The reward is sent to the winner by mail.
  • The participants that didn't win anything can get Oriana's Coins in the event window if they click "Receive".
  • The coins are available only if somebody got the main prize. If the system failed to choose a winner, nobody gets the coins.
  • You can obtain the coins from the event window anytime. If there were several successful attempts, you can collect the coins and receive them later.
  • You can use coins anytime. (to November 12 10:00 (+3 UTC))
  • Coins can be exchanged at Oriana for different rewards.


Getting Oriana's Coins



Oriana's Coins can be received as an incentive prize in the lottery - if the main award of the hour has found its lucky one. Coins can be obtained by hunting monsters. At different times of the day, they drop with different chances.

00:00 - 10:00 - drop probability x1; 

10:00 - 20:00 - drop probability x2; 

20:00 - 00:00 – drop probability x10.     

Reward List:

Main reward changes during the day. If you want to try to get a certain prize, keep your Oriana’s Disguised Clothing for that period of time.

Period 00:00~11:59:


Oriana's Coin Box

Period 12:00~17:59:


Transformation Sealbook: Random High-grade Appearance

Period 18:00~21:59:


Doll of Border - Baium, 
Doll of Border - Orfen, 
Doll of Border - Frintezza, 
Doll of Border - Queen Ant.

Period 22:00~22:59:


+10 S-grade Weapon Pack

Period 23:00~23:59:


Talisman of Baium


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