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[Event] Munin's Ghost

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Date: 01.10.2020 9:00 to 29.10.2020 8:59 MSK

Once the paths of life led the Daev to a good and noble person - he appeared from somewhere somewhere to tell a story. he was a seer, and the Daeva could not get rid of the feeling that he saw right through him. he is the seer who made the history of atreya. when he spoke, he appealed to great cultures; when the Daeva listened, he heard only this: our time is the time of noise and noise. He is a monument; he belongs to an era that has just ended and has just begun ... and so the Daevus pursued him, although it was not an easy task to look for the left traces. But the Daevas will not complete their quest. Because he knows - the history of the Munin in a sense and his history.

Korina and Keremon appeared in Elysium, and Isabella and Kardegatt appeared in Pandemonium.
during the event, the daevas collect special quest items: [Ивент] Следы Мунина.


They can be obtained in 2 ways:

1. Daily for every 30 minutes spent in the game, the character receives [Ивент] Следы Мунина:
- 46~65 - per day max. 12 pcs;
the track counter is reset daily at 9 am Moscow time.

2. [Ивент] Следы Мунина can also be obtained by completing daily tasks, they are also reset to zero at 9 am. For each task it is necessary to destroy the Shulack and take the records.

Damage is dealt 1 unit. Shulacks are killed quickly, the drop is also available to each member in the group.


Elyos quests are taken from npc Korina.

for each of the two quests ([Event/Daily/Spy] The Spy from Gelkmaros and [Event/Daily] The Spy from Katalam) daevas receive 5 [Ивент] Следы Мунина.

Missions for Asmodians are taken from npc Kardegatt.
for each of the two quests ([Event/Daily/Spy] The Spy from Inggison and [Event/Daily] The Spy from Katalam) the Daevas receive 5 [Ивент] Следы Мунина.

Suspicious Shulacks appear in gelkmaros and inggison:


Strange Shulacks on the [Event/Daily] The Spy from Katalam appear around the 75th base.

be ready to fight the characters of the opposite race, as the task is shared.


[Ивент] Следы Мунина can be exchanged in the capitals of their races for useful rewards of two types from special agents for the exchange of Munin footprints (Elysium - Ceremon, and in Pandemonium - Isabella).

[Ивент] Мешочек помощи исследователям:

- Свиток ускорения х10

[Ивент] Особый мешочек наград исследователей:

Бож. камень: Заговор Бритры х1
Бож. камень: Слава Эрискаль х1
[Ивент] Ящик с оружием лорда балауров х1
[Ивент] Ящик с мифическим оружием Гипериона х1
- Лампа призыва Ким Су Ро (30 д.) х1
Лампа призыва Ким Син Ен (30 д.) х1
[Ивент] Магическая шляпа Мунина х1
Призрачный боевой костюм х1
[Ивент] Сундук с призрачным оружием х1
-  Мешочек с сияющими маг. камнями х1
[Ивент] Сияющая карта командира х1
[Ивент] Мешок с символами кровавой битвы х1
[Ивент] Большой мешок восстановления х1

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