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Rafael GC

OBT Blade & Soul

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Dear friends!

Today we are honored to announce the launch of Blade and Soul Open Beta-Test. In the best traditions of GameCoast, the server will use the official gaming platform, which certainly guarantees players the original work of all game mechanisms.

OBT start is scheduled for October 9, 18:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC)

During the OBT process, you can test all the aspects and mechanics that interest you for performance. Throughout the testing, we will make the necessary adjustments to the server settings and the game store, preparing it for the grand opening.

All dungeons and mechanics will be available to players - you can immediately check their work. The game version is current and will be updated as updates become available.

The testing process will include such works as:

  • debugging the server;
  • optimization of the anti-cheat protection system;
  • gradual addition of developments;
  • checking the interactions of various game settings (premium, availability and correct operation of dungeons, items from the store);
  • store setup and price adjustment.

During the OBT process, players will have access to free items that will make the testing process more comfortable. Also, it is important to pay attention, at the end of the OBT all game achievements, including characters, will be removed.

OBT start is scheduled for October 9, 18:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC)

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Waiting for you!

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How do we download the client? The launcher only allows Aion and Lineage.

EDIT: Nevermind I clicked the British flag and the other launcher did have B&S

Edited by eddwood

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