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Rafael GC

Dragon's Gratitude Weapon

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Thanks to raids on dragon hoards, the Appreciation Cube was assembled so that all adventurers could claim it and receive the rewards it offers.

Event Details 

  • The event will take place from August 15 to August 29
  • On September 5, the following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories:
    • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-o5b4MQ3xo5rDjzZ.jpg.66a89691ead1a7f930290f974e0ee227.jpg Appreciation Cube
    • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-yAzzCSE1sDX.jpg.245f4b6df47f077d56415672fe5a70ac.jpg Dragon Claw Coupon
    • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-lVFyH68Dj2jJ1k.jpg.24405d3222359fde5a9d86932723c2d8.jpg Basket with Thank-you Gifts
    • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-lVFyH68Dj2jJ1k.jpg.24405d3222359fde5a9d86932723c2d8.jpg Basket with Appreciation Gifts
  • On September 12, the following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories:

How to Participate?

Appreciation Cube 

After maintenance on August 15Appreciation Cube will appear in the Game Store for 0 rubles (one per account). From cube you can get a Basket with Thank-you Gifts. The Basket contains:

The Appreciation Cube can be opened once a day, with the reset at 6:30 (+3 UTC). The cube can be opened 14 times, and at the 14th use, it will bring the Basket with Appreciation Gifts, which contains:

Exchanging Dragon Claw Coupons 

Dragon Claw Coupons from the Baskets can be exchanged at NPC Roa in any town for a Dragon Weapon (1-Day) of your choosing.



Roa's Daily Buffs 

In addition to exchanging coupons, NPC Roa has two special 5-hours buffs. Buffs can be obtained once a day with the reset at 6:30 (+3 UTC).

  • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-clrNQGk8RCSlPR.jpg.f3c04d199ed3cd994fda33de489f044a.jpg Thankful Heart
    • For 5h., acquired XP/ SP +30%, SP/ Vitality bonus +30%, P. Atk./ P. Def./ M. Atk./ M. Def. +15%. The effect remains after death. Cannot be used in the Olympiad and the Ceremony of Chaos
  • imgonline-com-ua-Resize-1tPULTCq8GrHf65S.jpg.6e5d24623ccd45bd6e3a3cbb7c5a14c1.jpg Roa's Support
    • For 5h., P. Atk. +10% when using a melee weapon. Grunts a certain chance to increase Critical Rate for standard attacks and P. Skill Power. The effect remains after death. Cannot be used in the Olympiad and the Ceremony of Chaos.

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