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[Stock] Lottery Good Luck

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Try your luck! What if she smiles at you?

Time of the event: 15.07.2020


To participate in the lottery, you need to buy the appropriate ticket icon_item_ticket05.png[Ивент] Лотто-5 from a special NPC Mega Kinah 5 in the capitals of the races.
Its cost is 10kk + Commission (tax on the influence of the race). The maximum number of purchases is 10 PCs / day.

  Скрыть контент


Use it. Next, you will get one of the 5 types of reward tickets.

  Скрыть контент


To get a reward for it, contact the NPC Lottorunyerk. Be careful: if you do not have a reward ticket in your inventory, then will not have any reward quests.

  Скрыть контент


Rewards for tasks:

  Скрыть контент

1 place:

2 place:

3 place:

  • [GameCoast] Box with a reward for the 3rd place Lotto-5

Items may randomly fall out of the box - icon_item_sack01.pngМешочек со свитком дополнительного входа в подземелье (на выбор) х1, icon_item_sub_matter_09.pngУсилитель камней III (герой) х50, icon_item_sub_matter_12.pngУсилитель камней III (мифич.) х50.

4 place:

  • [GameCoast] Box with a reward for the 4th place Lotto-5

Items may randomly fall out of the box - icon_item_coin_pvp_01.pngСимвол кровавой битвы х25, icon_item_coin12.pngМонета ремесленников х5, icon_item_coin_pve_b01.pngДревняя монета х50.

5 place:

  • [GameCoast] Box with a reward for the 5th place Lotto-5

Items may randomly fall out of the box - icon_item_scroll_speed_run_01.png[Event] Greater Running Scroll х5, icon_item_herb02.pngКоролевский корень женьшеня х10, icon_item_box04.png[Ивент] Шкатулка с полезной едой х2.

May your luck be with you, Daeva!

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