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[Event] Tarot Cards

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- You carry great anguish in your heart, daeva. Do you want to fortune you?

The young warrior entered a small tent. She sat down on the opposite side and laid out the cards.



The event will be available from June 6 to June 22.

Event Description:

To participate in this event you need to collect three types of cards:

  1. icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Луна
  2. icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Солнце
  3. icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Солнце

combining them, you are guaranteed to receive icon_item_box03.png[Ивент] Сундук кочевников с картами Таро

There are 3 ways to get cards for making in the box:

First way


icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Луна  falls into the inventory for 1 hour, 3 hours and 5 hours when each character is in the game starting from the 50th level.

Second way



icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Звезда  Drops from RB in the dungeons. Cards received in the dungeon go to the roll.

  • Guard Captain Auradim (Sauro Supply Base)
  • Brigade General Sheba (Sauro Supply Base)
  • Bastion's Eternal Treasure (S rank)
  • Dynatum Prototype (Rune Shield Tower)
  • Enraged Queen Modor (Danuar Reliquary)
  • Hyperion (Infinity Shard)
  • Tahabata's Treasure Chest (Tiamat Stronghold)
  • Brigade General Vasharti (Rentus Base)
  • Zadra Spellweaver (Argent Manor)
  • Tuali (Elementis Forest)
  • Tiamat's Huge Treasure Crate (Dragon Lord's Refuge)
  • Raksha (Raksang Dungeon)
  • Raksha Boilheart (Raksang Dungeon)
  • Vera (Ophidan Bridge)
  • Warmage Suyaroka (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Virulent Ukahim (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Chief Medic Tagnu (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Enraged Krotan Lord (Krotan Barracks and Hidden Krotan Barracks)
  • Enraged Kysis Duke (Kysis Barracks and Hidden Kysis Barracks)
  • Enraged Miren Prince (Miren Barracks and Hidden Miren Barracks)
Also, with a small chance, the card may fall from ordinary monster dungeons: Sauro Supply Base, Tiamat Stronghold, Rentus Base, Raksang Dungeon, Ophidan Bridge, Danuar Sanctuary, Krotan/Kysis/Miren Barracks, Steel Rose, as well as in the Tiamaranta's Eye.
Third way

icon_cash_item_card_title_03.png[Ивент] Карта Таро - Солнце given as a successful capture of the fortresses of the North and South catalams, and may also fall out, with a small chance from the monsters of the underground catalam.

Items can be changed or sold. After all 3 elements have been collected, go to the inventory and right-click on any of the shards to get icon_item_box03.png[Ивент] Сундук кочевников с картами Таро.

Chest Contents:

Good luck daeva!

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