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[Event] In pursuit of Tiamat's treasures

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Date of the event: 09.05.2020 - 23.05.2020

From may 9 to may 23 (the end date can be changed) collect 5 fragments of different elements. By connecting them, you will get Inside it you can find Manastone or Enchantment Stone, Tahabata Weapon or Raksha Weaponand and even Ancient Spirit's Wing.

The main item in the event is "". There are three ways to get this item (+fourth: trade). Each method is focused on its own group of players (PvP / PvE content), so everyone will be able to participate.

First way

Спойлер - falls into inventory every hour when you are in the game (no more than 5 PCs. per day) to each character starting from 60lvl.

Second way


From chests in the center of the location Tiamaranta's Eye (Protectorate's Treasure Chest, Protectorate's Treasure Box, Protectorate's Treasure Crate), in the dungeon of the Fort and in the garrisons of the Fort drop bundles with fragments of the elements:

For bags that fall out of chests, the same distribution is applied to the group as to a normal drop (configured by the group leader).

Third way


From RB in the dungeons drops an Event boxes with fragments of the elements obtained in the dungeon are distributed one for each group member.
List of RB:

  • Guard Captain Auradim (Sauro Supply Base)
  • Brigade General Sheba (Sauro Supply Base)
  • Bastion's Eternal Treasure (S rank)
  • Dynatum Prototype (Rune Shield Tower)
  • Enraged Queen Modor (Danuar Reliquary)
  • Hyperion (Infinity Shard)
  • Tahabata's Treasure Chest (Tiamat Stronghold)
  • Brigade General Vasharti (Rentus Base)
  • Zadra Spellweaver (Argent Manor)
  • Tuali (Elementis Forest)
  • Tiamat's Huge Treasure Crate (Dragon Lord's Refuge)
  • Raksha (Raksang Dungeon)
  • Raksha Boilheart (Raksang Dungeon)
  • Vera (Ophidan Bridge)
  • Warmage Suyaroka (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Virulent Ukahim (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Chief Medic Tagnu (Danuar Sanctuary)
  • Enraged Krotan Lord (Krotan Barracks and Hidden Krotan Barracks)
  • Enraged Kysis Duke (Kysis Barracks and Hidden Kysis Barracks)
  • Enraged Miren Prince (Miren Barracks and Hidden Miren Barracks)

Opening /, you can get any of the five shards:

Items can be changed or sold. After all 5 elements have been collected, go to the inventory and right-click on any of the shards to get

Contents Of The Treasure Box

In addition, on random days from may 9 to may 31, monsters will appear at different times in Katalam and Danaria:

And also Protectorate's Treasure Chest, Protectorate's Treasure Box, Protectorate's Treasure Crate will be around these monsters in some quantity.

They will need to be found in the location and killed. The time of the event will be announced in the morning (11: 00 Moscow time) in this topic and in the VK group. When monsters appear in locations, an ad will be given in the game in the center of the screen.

  1. On may 9, monsters and chests will appear from 15:00 to 15:30.
  2. On may 10, monsters and chests will appear from 18:00 to 18:30.


Good hunting, Daevas!

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