Content Patch for the Classic Servers

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Dear players, we are working to ensure that classic servers take into account the current state of both the project and updates. Therefore, we offer for discussion a new content patch that will affect sensitive issues and will be applied to both servers after your feedback.

At the moment, the following changes are planned in the content patch (what is already implemented on the test server and is planned for installation on the live servers in the near future):

  • NPC Pona from now on sells Transformation Extraction Scrolls at a price of 20 L-Сoins apiece.
  • Transformation Book Fragment were added to Daily Hunting II and III rewards.
  • All newly created characters will receive a Newbie Gift in their inventories. This is a box containing a large number of temporary items: a temporary set of C-grade armor to choose, a temporary C-grade weapon to choose, as well as Support Cubes (several types), Growth Amulets, some temporary event jewelry and much more. Every few levels, Newbie Gift adds new gifts to the character inventory to make leveling easier. All items from all newbie Gift boxes:

       Newbie Gift_eng.jpg

  • 1st Class Buff Scroll and (mainly) 2nd Class Buff Scroll (from 10 and above up to 100 for 76 level) are added to the Growth rewards from level 10 to 76.
  • Also, the Growth rewards was extended with C-grade Temporary Weapon Coupon instead of Hero Dual Swords (Lv. 10).
  • All characters now have a passive effect that increases the attribute XP by 100% (invisible).
  • Arrows, resources, and recipes now can be sold to NPCs for adena. The assortment of the game store was updated: both servers have equal list of products.
  • Fixed an issue with drop of gold coins.

Additional changes 14.03.2020

  • Field Raid Bosses now use the "Limit Barrier", which has 1 HP.
  • Blessed Soulshots are available in the Game Assistant's store along with the ordinary ones at a slightly increased cost.
  • Daily Hunting I now contains 5 Jewel Coins as a reward.
  • Regular (D, C, B) and Elite (D, C) Weapon, Armor and Accessories Varnish, Weapon and Armor Enhancement Stones for adena are available in the Game Assistant's store.

Additional changes 16.03.2020

  • Galladucci from now on sells Scrolls: Enchant D and C-grade Weapon for crystals and adena.

In addition to these changes, over the next few days we will add new ones based on the discussion and your suggestions. We weigh all the proposals from this topic.

At the moment, there are several aspects that need to be considered in this patch:

  • increasing possibility to get Attribute Evolution Stones;
  • stimulation of A-grade craft and B-grade enchantment.

Other suggestions and wishes, please, write in this topic.

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