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   Sex change     
You can change the gender of the character for 210 rubles, provided that there is no binding of gender to the class (for example, Kamael, Ertheia).
To do this, top up your balance with 210 rubles. and write in the application the gender of which character You want to change.

Name change
Changing the name of the character costs 300 rubles. You can change the nickname by going to your profile on the site in the Accounts tab.
There, select the desired account and then a nickname.

Changing the Clan name
The character must be the head of the clan and have 700 rubles on the account balance.
The request must be from the same game account where you want to use this service. Write the old and new name of the clan. Please note that the change of clan name will only take effect after a planned restart.

Transferring items Lineage 2
The transfer service is paid-500 rubles. The funds just need to be in the account account.
You can also transfer items to another character on the same master account without additional identification.

  • Make a complete list of items with names by client and specify the characters nicknames.
  • You can transfer up to 10 types of items at a time (cell count).
  • It doesn't matter how many characters there are, it will be considered a transfer by items in your list, for example:
    From character A to character B - 9 Daily Coins
    From character A to character B - 20 Daily Coins
    From character A to character B-102 Daily Coins
    these are three cells.
    You can transfer any number of cells at a time, but transferring every 10 costs 500 rubles.
  • It is forbidden to exchange any game items between servers.
  • Quest items and tattoos are not transferred.
  • On Homunculus servers, you can't transfer any kind of personal items that are given to a character, and cannot be obtained in any other way.
    Example: Certificate - Dual Class
  • On Classic servers: Red Lantern, Purple Lantern, Blue Lantern, Green Lantern, and L-Coins cannot be transferred.

It is important to know that:

  1. "cell count" means that you can transfer everything that fits in a single cell. For example, each stone (ruby, amethyst, or any other) is a single cell. And there can be many "PA - Art of Seduction" items in one cell, and all these items can be transferred from one cell at the same time.
  2. You can move items between different characters on different game accounts at the same time, not just from the first character to the second. Then the list should clearly indicate the nicknames of the characters from which it is necessary to transfer items and nicknames of the characters on which to move it.


The transfer is performed only within one master account, and not between different master accounts.

Dear players! Please note that Characters and / or game accounts are not transferable!

Example of applying for the transfer of items:

  Скрыть содержимое

Hello, please move the items from the character "pattern" to the character "model". Characters on one master account.

1) Talisman of Insanity
2) Special Resistance Earring - Confusion
3) Shiny Elemental Shirt + 10
4) Physical Reflect Shirt +10
5) Magical Reflect Shirt +10
6) Eva's Shirt +10
7) Love Potion 1625 pcs 
8) Physical Reflect Shirt +10
9) Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 
10) Ruby 4 lvl

The master account has 500 rubles

The rules for transferring items were changed from April 3, 2018: the ability to transfer items between master accounts has been removed.

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On Homunculus servers, you can't transfer any kind of personal items that are given to a character, and cannot be obtained in any other way.
Example: Certificate - Dual Class

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