Maintenance Fenrir x10 [16:00 +3 UTC 12.01.2020]


Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. On 12.01.2020 at 16:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) was the maintenance of the game server Fenrir х10. It took 30 minutes. 

Notice: after the current maintenance, a number of major changes will be introduced regarding the PK system. First of all, the drop of chaotic players was returned to the game as it was before, yes, now there is a drop from the PK players. Secondly, these are technical measures taken to eliminate possibility of making a player PK without his/her will:

  • Now, when the player's karma changes from negative to neutral, character becomes flagged;
  • A player who leaves the battle zone also becomes flagged.

We have to note that we will watch closely all sorts of unfair acts to provoke another player become chaotic character. All things received in this way will be returned to their owners, and violators using errors will receive appropriate punishment.

Notice [2]: after the maintenance, a Scroll: PK (Low-grade) will be added to the Merchant of Mammon with price of 50 million adena. The scroll will be on sale for two days, after which it will be removed from inventories and from NPC's list. There is no point in buying them with a margin.

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