Fairy's Winter Adventures

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Event Details

The event will run from December 30, 2019  to January 27, 2020.

The Freya's Lucky Pouch and Festival Fairy's Coin of Luck will be automatically removed from your inventories when the lottery ends.

How to Participate
Visit Festival Fairy in any main town to claim Freya's Lucky Pouch. You must be level 100 or higher to obtain the Freya's Lucky Pouch and take part in the Lucky Gift Draw. Freya's Lucky Pouch can only be claimed once per account and cannot be transferred or traded to other characters or accounts.







Freya's Lucky Pouch


Double click to obtain a lucky gift drawTicket that allows you to take part in the Lucky Gift.

Available for characters above level 100. Effect disappears when you change the class. The item can be used an unlimited number of times.

Use the Happy Transformation Gift Ticket to take part in the lottery. This effect allows you to participate in the current draw. The lottery is fully automatic, all the action take place in a special window, it is important to have only this buff on yourself at the time of the draw.

The draw rules

  • Every hour, participating players will be part of a lottery.
  • You will have five attempts each hour to win a main prize. Each bar in the Lucky Draw UI represents an attempt. 
  • Each attempt to draw takes place with a certain chance (not 100%). This means that there can be no winner of the main prize.
  • The draw time is set randomly. If the scale is full, but the winner is not announced, a new draw begins.
  • After completing 5 attempts, the event stops until the next hour (draw).
  • The character must be in game with the event buff at a time of the main prize drawing.
  • Each event day is divided into 24 draws = 24 hours. A new grand prize is drawn every hour. At 12:00 the first draw begins. At 11:00 the next day, the last 24th is held.
  • Winning is mailed to the winner.
  • Participants who did not get the main prize can receive a prize for participating in the event window - Festival Fairy's Coin of Luck. The number of available coins is indicated in the event window. To get coins you need to click on the button “Get”.
  • Coins can be obtained only if the main prize has been raffled on the server. If the main prize is not received by anyone, no one will get the coins.
  • Coins can be used at any time (until the end of the event).

Drawing Schedule & Rewards

Each hour, a random reward will be listed in the Lucky Gift Draw. The reward will be pulled from the active Reward Set below based on the current Server Time (+3 UTC).

Server Time


00:00 – 11:59

Good luck Festival Fairy’s Coin Box

12:00 - 19:59

Fallen Angel's Ring Box

Sealed Talisman – Insanity

Dragon Claw

Red Starlight Jar

Ruler's Authority

Seven Signs/ Anakim/ Lilith Talisman Supply Box

Royal Black Save Card

Royal Gold Save Ticket

20:00 - 21:59

Mystic Soul Crystal

L2 Market +10 Helios Weapon Pack

22:00 - 22:59

Dragon Weapon Box (Fragment)

23:00 - 23:59

Rare Accessory Pack (Permanent)

Also, most of the time of draw you can get as reward the Festival Fairy's Coin of Luck, which can be used to obtain many different items.





Festival Fairy's Coin of Luck

Take it to Festival Fairy to exchange for useful items.

Good luck!

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Good event, only they have to be careful that the same does not happen with the previous ticket event that the players exploded bugs and used clickers to get the best reward.

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30 days la vie en jevel will be removed as well 27 January? Or stay as finish days ? Lf answer from gm. Thanks

Edited by apex

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