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Referral system 5.6

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Dear players!


In this topic we would like to discuss about the referral system of the server Ingrid 5.6 and about receiving bonuses from this program.


What bonuses you are going to receive?

- For friends that you have invited and they reached level 73:

- For you because your friend reached level 73 using your referral :


How to use the referral system?


First of all, you have to share your referral link to your friend, the referral link is located in the "Account" page, in the "Game Accounts" section.


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When your friend has created an account with your referral and leveled up to 73, the status of your referrals will be updated. After your friend has reached level 73 under the voting sites you will see a little gift box.

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Your account: 11.jpg

Friend account: 02.jpg


Now you and your friend can claim your "Gifts" by selecting the character which will receive the bonus:

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Your account: 12.jpg

Your friend's account: 03.jpg


Enjoy the game and have fun!

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