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The long-awaited 5.6

обрзец для форума.jpg

Updated version of AION 5.6 assigned!

Welcome, dear friends! 

GameCoast is a unique project that provides you with the highest quality of game servers. We use only the official platform games, there are no flaws and problems, all the functionality of the game is available immediately and absolutely free.

Our team is pleased to inform you that the date of Ingrid server update to version 5.6 has been determined. We have tested all its aspects and also completed the last preparations for the start. 

From 24 August, 2019 at 16:00 Moscow time the well known Ingrid server will switch from 4.8 to the long awaited 5.6 version.

The server will operate event "Avatar" on a permanent basis. You can get more infomations about this event in this topic.

Also, from 22 August, 2019 the Ingrid server will be offline. But there  will be access to the test server and download the client itself.

In honor of installing the update, we want to make gifts for you, which will be valid from 24.08 to 27.08:
- 15% discount in the store;
- seasonal premium for 90 days.

We have been preparing for this for a long time, responsibly, efficiently and hope to meet your expectations!

Throughout the time before the server upgrade, this topic will be supplemented with links to informative posts for the upcoming update.


How to start playing:

Useful topic:


August 24, 2019 at 16:00 Moscow time
Start your Saga on the GameCoast project!

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