Maintenance Midgard x3 [12:00 +3 UTC 09.04.2019]


Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. On 09.04.2019 at 12:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) was the maintenance of the game server Midgard x3

  • Event Magic bonfire started;
  • Updated Lucky Game in the game store:
    • Added some items of epic jewelry;
    • Added Talisman of Insolence VI;
    • Raised levels of sealed runes;
    • Added improved Enchant Scrolls;
    • Added +8 Enchanted Weapon Supply Box (B-grade);
    • Added boosters of XP\SP;
    • Removed common Enchant Scrolls;
    • Removed Recipe (B-grade);
    • Removed Weapon (C-grade).

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