fenrir x5 Streamers Support: Chapter II


Dear friends, soon there will be the start of our new server Fenrir x5 and in advance of the opening, we are announcing the second stage of the streamers support program. Last time it gathered many participants and we, in turn, gave a lot of prizes. If you are a beginner or experienced streamer, or just planning to start streaming your favorite game, it's a great opportunity for you to start and get valuable prizes.


This time the main streaming platform is YouTube. To get to the list of participants you need to publish your game nickname and a link to the channel in this topic. Moreover, there are several additional requirements:

  • The title of your broadcast should contain the name of our complex "GameCoast";
  • The description of broadcast must contain a link to our site play.gamecoast.net;
  • All broadcasts must remain on the channel, up to the date of the contest end.

The support program is divided into several stages, each of which lasts one week. The number of stages is unlimited and the program will be extended until it is interesting to its participants. At the end of each stage, we'll publish the list of winners in this topic and they need to contact us to get their prizes.

The main criteria for the number of winners are quality of content and activity of the audience. There are no hard selection criteria, any thing can play into your hands and lead to victory.

The list of participants is also posted in this topic under a special spoiler and it will always be updated during the contest. If the streamer did not participate in one of the stages, i.e. did not make streams on these dates, he/she will be removed from the list and should apply for participation again.


Weekly we will choose the winners and give them one of these three prizes:

  • First place: 6,000 rubles or 12,000 rubles to the Master Account balance;
  • Second place: 4,000 rubles or 8,000 rubles to the Master Account balance;
  • Third place: 2,000 rubles or 4,000 rubles to the account of Master Account balance.

Of course, we can add additional nominations, for example, the audience award. But without worthy participants for all tree rewards the list of prizes on a certain week could be reduced. 

Contest period

The first stage will begin on January 22 and end on January 29. The first day we will summarize and publish a list of winners on the forum. And the second stage begins immediately after the completion of the first.

List of participants


Here will be our participants!


Good luck!

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nick : MagicElf

yes, again me :) this time i hope for 12k rubles :)

Изменено пользователем MagicElf

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