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  1. Dear friends, today we have a great news about the next update. Our Fenrir x10 server will be updated to the latest chronicle Prelude of War: Part III. As always, the built of the server is official, that is why all game mechanisms are fully original and there will be implemented the latest fixes, especially the main add of this update made by the example of the Russian official server - the fix of the vitality system. And, of course, we will continue to support of an additional functionality, such as the offline trading, the experience gain blocking and the exchange of Store Coins for rubles. Installing of the update on the server will begin on Saturday, January 25, at 11:00 Moscow time, at this time you will be able to download the updated client in the launcher. The administration will keep in touch with the players on the forum informing you about progress of the installation. This update contains many changes, for example, redesign of the crafting system and new time zones, update of mentoring and classes systems, new equipment and much more. We would like to draw your attention to some parts of the update and talk about them in more detail. Hunting Zones Castilla's Labyrinth Added a new instanced zone Castilla's Labyrinth. Castilla's Labyrinth is for Lv. 100+ characters and it can only be completed once per day. You do not need to be in party in this instance. Castilla's Labyrinth can be entered by talking to the new NPC Solo Instanced Zone Manager Karina (Town of Aden). Castilla's Labyrinth has 3 stages: Basic (recommended for Lv. 100+), Intermediate (recommended for Lv. 105+), and Advanced (recommended for Lv. 110+). Players can select one of the 3 stages of the Castilla's Labyrinth and receive a reward if they defeat the boss in 15 minutes. After killing boss of chosen stage you will get 1 Castilla's Chest into your character's inventory. Castilla's Chest contains Freya's Ice Rose, Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion (XP), Honey Dark Beer. Castilla's Labyrinth becomes bound (can no longer enter) upon receiving the reward, and not only the selected stage but also the other 2 unselected stages become bound and cannot be used. Instance is available again after 6:30 (+3 UTC). Abandoned Coal Mines Added a special hunting zone Abandoned Coal Mines. Hunting zone Abandoned Coal Mines Reset Every day Entry Level Lv. 99 - Lv. 105 Playable Time (Default) 60 minutes Rechargeable Time (Max) 300 minutes Entry Fee 50,000 Adena The mentoring system Changes of the mentoring system Changed conditions for the mentor and mentee: Before change After change Mentor: Lv. 85+ for main class, awakened class; Mentee: Lv. 84 or lower for main class. Mentor: Lv. 105+ for main class, awakened class; Mentee: Lv. 104 or lower for main class. If the mentor’s main class isn’t a Lv. 105+ awakened class, the mentor/mentee relationship will be canceled. There is no penalty for the cancelation and players can use the mentoring system according to the changed rules after the update. According to the changed requirements, the buffs that apply to the Mentee (4 Melody/3 Sonata/1 Harmony) while the Menor is online and the Mentee's Appreciation buff that applies to the Mentor while the Mentee is online remain until the Mentee graduates. Due to the change in the requirements for mentoring relationship, relationships between mentors whose level is below 105 and their mentees are canceled automatically. As there is no penalty for relationship cancelation, players can become mentees of other mentors after the update. Mentees who graduated from the Mentoring system prior to the update whose main class level is 104 or lower can become a mentee again after the update. After termination of the contract, the mentor cannot conclude new contracts within two days. Changed the quantity of Mentee's Marks awarded to the mentor when the mentee levels up. Mentee level Mentee’s Mark 85 5 99 10 103 25 105 60 Mentees who graduate after reaching Lv. 105 receive a Mentee Graduation Chest in mail. Which contains the following items: Modification of reward items Expert’s Mask can be modified with Scroll: Enchant Expert’s Mask, which is exchanged for Mentee’s Mark by Mentor Guide. Scroll: Enchant Earrings of Atlas is used to enchant the Earrings of Atlas and can be obtained by carrying out the clan quest Mentee Fostering (Lv. 105+) after joining a clan. Newly created characters receive a Mentoring Guidebook. Boss Monsters Raid boss rewards Field raid monsters no longer drop ‘R99 Armor Crafting Pack (Heavy Armor/Light Armor/Robe)’. Field raid monsters now have a chance to drop R99 armor or R99 weapons. Removed the following instanced zone and field raid boss monsters: Removed Boss Monsters Hunting Zones Veridan Crystal Caverns Kechi Michaela Andreas Van Halter Pagan Temple Nerva Chief Turakan Raider's Crossroads Tebot Gainak Tegaffe Thesakar Theor Good luck!
  2. Dear friends, today we are happy to announce the date of installation of the additional update Prelude of War: Part II on the server Fenrir x10. Most of the preparations were left behind, we did the stress tests of the server part to bring it to your attention. The update includes a new World Olympiad, uncharted hunting zones, recycling of old items and a number of completely new ones. Of course, we have added all the additional functions that were before: offline trade, experience blocking, filling of the master account balance using the coins of the game store and much more. Update installation date: on Thursday, on 14 November, at 20:00. After the servers shut down for the update, the mandatory new version of the game client and the patch will be available for download in the game launcher, and the whole process will take about two hours. Additional update details will be published in this thread shortly.
  3. Dear friends, today we have great news for all Midgard x3 players! Our Classic server will be updated to the latest current version the Shadow of The Kamael. This update brings a lot of different content to the game, including a new race, new items, the L-store, and many other innovations. Obviously, we are not supposed to change the main traditions of the GameCoast and our server uses only the official build, with all the latest fixes, as it always was. Moreover, we have added additional functionality, for example, the offline trading and exchanging of the game store coins. The update installation will begin on October 17 at 11:00 Moscow time. At the same time, the new client and patch will be available for download in the launcher. During the update, we will keep in touch with the players on our forum, reporting an approximate completion time.
  4. Dear friends, We propose you to meet first summer week on the Asgard game server with the additional events that we prepared for you. Let's start. The first thing we prepared for you is the raised drop rates. They are doubled for the next week. Moreover, after updating the experience table for high levels did not correspond to the previous version, we also solved this glaring mistake. The second is the classic Event "The Letters Collector", which, I am sure, most of you already know. Your goal is to collect words from letters that you can get while hunting monsters and exchange them for really valuable prizes. Click here for details. The third one is a small update of the store for the whole week: we added items from the "Collector of Letters" and a 15% discount for the entire assortment of the store in the "Boost" category. Have a good game!
  5. Dear friends, today we have a great news about the next update, that will take place on Wednesday, July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC). Our servers Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 will be updated to the latest chronicles - Prelude of War. These chronicles bring various valuable innovations, including improved macro system, automatic use of consumables, raid boss Fafurion, development of Antharas, Valakas, and new R110-Grade items. Of course, the built is official, all mechanisms are implemented by the game developers and fully comply with their idea. As always, we prepare the support of an additional functionality, for example, the offline trading, the experience gain blocking and the exchange of special coins for rubles in the game store. Additionally, it is important to note that along with the servers update, the Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 servers will be merged into one. All details of the update, including the merge details will be published within a few days. All characters from the server Helheim x10 will be transferred to the server Fenrir x5. All Olympiad points would remain with players of the both servers. EXP and adena rates of the server Fenrir x5 will be increased to x10, all other rates will be x7. There will be adena rates x15 for 2 weeks after the update. Clan halls and castles states remain as they are now on Fenrir x5. If the total number of characters on 1 game account exceeds 7, then the characters of lower levels will be deleted. Recovering of deleted characters will be available in technical support for seven days. Dimensional Sieges and everything connected with them will be reset. The friends lists from Helheim x10 are not transferred. The alliances from Helheim x10 are not transferred. Commission will be cleared. Details about the part of the changes will be published just before the merge of servers. If nicks match, players from x10 will be able to change them for free. Prelude of War update: July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC).
  6. Дорогие друзья, 14.09.2018 в 20:30 сервер Midgard x3 будет обновлен до последней версии под названием The Seven Signs. В этом обновлении Вы сможете исследовать новые катакомбы и некрополи, а также встретить двух особенных боссов, Повелителей Семи Печатей - Лилит и Анаким. Вас ждут новые вызовы и возможности: Вы познакомитесь с новой Системой Стихий и приручите элементаля, который усилит ваши боевые характеристики на охоте и в PvP! Сможете изучить много новых умений и встретитесь с изменениями старых: меньше ограничений - больше интересной игры! В игре появится новый город Годдард, а с ним и несколько зон охоты для персонажей 78 уровня и выше: "Варка", "Кетра", Горячие Источники, Сад Чудовищ, а также уникальные стихийные локации, где можно развить собственную стихию! Короли и Королевы Духов приготовились к бою с самыми сильными игроками! Проверьте, сможете ли Вы с ними совладать! Спускайтесь в новые Катакомбы Темного Пророчества и Некрополь Апостолов, чтобы как следует поохотиться и бросить вызов боссам Семи Печатей – Анаким и Лилит! Поистине ценной наградой станут особые Руны Анаким и Лилит, достойные только самых опытных игроков! Отправляйтесь в поле, чтобы уничтожить новых рейдовых боссов 80 уровня! Не забудьте про новую временную зону Рыцари Балтуса - Закен, где можно получить большое количество опыта и испытать удачу в модификации Поврежденной Серьги Закена! Вам будут представлены новые ежедневные задания в старых и совсем новых локациях! Детали обновления: Анаким и Лилит Анаким и Лилит - мировые боссы и только самый сильный командный канал может бросить им вызов. При убийстве одного из боссов второй получает эффект неуязвимости на 5 минут. Рекомендованное число участников рейда – 10 и более групп. Войти в Обитель Анаким и Обитель Лилит можно в любой момент даже вне группы или командного канала. Условие для входа – уровень 76+. После завершения рейдов в Обители Анаким и Обители Лилит на 10 минут появляется NPC Дух Хранителя Портала, с помощью которого можно покинуть подземелья. Участники рейда будут перемещены ко входу в Катакомбы Темного Пророчества (Анаким) или ко входу Некрополя Апостолов (Лилит). В Обитель Анаким и Обитель Лилит нельзя призвать персонажей, а также в зонах нельзя сохранить локацию для свободного телепорта. Анаким и Лилит не используют умение Барьер Предела и не впадают в ярость, как обычные рейдовые боссы. Как и в любой зоне охоты, после смерти в рейдовых зонах персонажи теряют очки опыта и предметы. Добавлена временная зона Рыцари Балтуса - Закен Войти во временную зону Рыцари Балтуса - Закен можно через NPC Фаулла, который находится на Острове Дьявола. В случае смерти во временной зоне персонажи не теряют очки опыта и предметы. В отличие от мирового Закена, с его упрощенной версии не выпадают трофеи. Участники рейда должны забрать награду у NPC Лаш. Нет награды в виде очков опыта и SP. Купон на Свиток Опыта Высокого Ранга можно обменять на Свиток Опыта: 100 млн у NPC Лаш во временных зонах Рыцари Балтуса - Антарас и Баюм, а также у Управляющего Арены Кланов Рио. Добавлены новые зоны охоты Семи Печатей В окрестностях Деревни Темных Эльфов добавлены Катакомбы Темного Пророчества. В окрестностях Адена добавлен Некрополь Апостолов.
  7. Dear friends, with the great pleasure we are ready to provide a new list of rewards in the game "Divination by Tarot". Some of items were removed, some were added, some were left without changes. Meet the new list. Common game Premium game Bonus reward (if you play 50 games at a time you'll get a bonus reward with the 100% probability)
  8. Dear friends! Finally, we are ready to present you a new update of the game Lineage II on our project! Meet! Grand Crusade! Preliminary date: May 1, 2017. Begining of maintenance at 19:00 (+3 UTC). Update? What update? This is the last update of the Russian, European and North American official server. More details on the official server page. As always, we offer you a fully official server platform, without any gaming inaccuracies or other problems. What does it mean? This means that the quality of our server is equal to the official one, increased rates and a balanced game store will not let you get bored and make your game more comfortable and pleasant! How to update? After the start of server maintenance, the patch for your client updating to the new version will be available in launcher! Just restart it and click "Play"! And that's all? Of course not! We also have a several additional news along with this grand event: - Returned players will receive bonuses! - The Red Libra event will be launched together with the update! - Runes and scrolls for new players! - We also launch a huge advertising campaign to attract newcomers and return old players! But remember that the best advertising is your opinion about the server! There will be published the additional topics about changes in the L2 ingame store, bonuses for new players, and a new action.
  9. Dear friends, today we have a really great news: we are glad to present to your attention the update of the Lineage II: Classic server to the version Secret of Empire. By embracing the most important traditions of our complex, the new update is fully in line with the official servers, and also includes all the latest innovations and brand new things in leveling. The update contains many changes, but I would like to pay special attention just to some of them. We tried to make the game process of this chronicles even more intense and interesting. Automatic leveling, supplies and skills The process of the game simplification went even further than just cyclic macroses adding: now players have the opportunity to use a more advanced and functional system of automatic leveling, including the automatic use of needed supplies. Moreover, it is now possible to automatically use skills marked with the green arrows, for example, active buffs. Magic Lamp Magic Lamp is an another change that will definitely simplify and improve the process of your character leveling. Kill monsters, earn magic lamps and get nice bonuses for your experience. According to your success in killing mobs there are 4 stages of Magic Lamps: Green, Blue, Purple and Red, which will give you from +5.000.000 EXP and +135.000 SP to +100.000.000 EXP and +2.700.000 SP respectively. New items And one of the most interesting innovations is the new S-grade equipment and the system for equipment improving. The head blacksmith Ferris in Aden will gladly help you to improve your items under some simple conditions. Instant professions gaining Yes, there is no need to waste your precious time on completing boring quests, which you have seen many times already. Now, as soon as you reach the desired level, there will show up a special button - clicking on it and you will see a new interface for profession choosing. This UI applies to all quests for classes changing, including quests for a third profession. The update will be installed on Thursday, June 27, 16:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC). Along with the updating start, there will appear a new required version of the client in the game launcher. During the update, we will try to publish on the forum information about approximate timing of a maintenance. Thank you for staying with us, it will be even more interesting soon!