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Found 2 results

  1. Brilliant news! A group of treasure hunters found old mines with gnome caskets. Opening the caskets, found the old coins. They were so brilliant.. Coins have spread all over Elmoraden and now in every city there is a trader who wants to get hold of these coins. Have a few in your hands? Contact the Game Assistant and receive valuable rewards in exchange for coins. L2 Store Unique Shiny Coin sets will appear in the L2 Store, the coins can be exchanged for special boxes! Click on items to open l2central and see their properties and limitations. Category Product Price Limit Sales Period Item Deletion Specials Shiny Coin – 400 pcs. 25 RUB Unlimited 15.08 – 05.09 September 5, 2020 Specials Shiny Coin – 4000 pcs. 225 RUB Unlimited 15.08 – 05.09 September 5, 2020 All the rest items obtained during the promotion will persist after the promotion is over. Coin Exchange Shiny Coins can be obtained with the Game Assistant for special boxes. You can get rare items and useful consumables with a certain chance from the boxes. Exchange option is avaiable until September 5, 2020. Exchange rate is 100%. Item Cost Lucky Jewelry Box Shiny Coin – 100 шт. Skill Mastery Pack Shiny Coin – 140 шт. Dragon Weapon Upgrade Pack Shiny Coin – 220 шт. Crystal Pack Shiny Coin – 140 шт. Supply Pack Shiny Coin – 20 шт. Treasure Chest Shiny Coin – 800 шт. Contents of Boxes To see the content of promotional chests click on the spoilers. Follow the links to see the properties and restrictions of items. When opening the boxes, you can get one of the specified items with a certain chance. Lucky Jewelry Box Lv. 1 Lucky Jewelry Box Lv. 2 Lucky Jewelry Box Lv. 3 Lucky Jewelry Box Lv. 4 Dragon Weapon Upgrade Pack Crystal Pack Skill Mastery Pack Treasure Chest Supply Pack Good Luck!
  2. While all the doors are tightly closed and there is no one on the streets, each player has his own interesting occupation and there is no time to sit idle. To make your adventures more exciting and unforgettable, we decided to add Gold Pouches to the Game Store. Why these items? Because from them you can get everything you want and check your luck again! Promotion period The promotion will start on 16.04.2020 and end on 24.04.2020. While the promotion, Shiny Gold Pouch will be on sale in the Game Store. After the end of the offer time, all purchased items (Shiny Gold Pouches, Shining Gold Bar Boxes and items obtained from them) will remain with the players. Also, there will be available an exchange of the Gold Bars for valuable items with Dimensional Merchant: Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory x1 Vitality Maintaining Rune (30-day) x1 Vitality Beer x1 Scroll: Enchant R-grade Weapon x1 Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor x2 Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Weapon x1 Giant's Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Armor x1 High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Weapon x1 High-grade Lucky Enchant Stone: R-grade Armor x1 School Uniform A Appearance Stone x1 School Uniform B Appearance Stone x1 Appearance Stone: White Assassin Suit x1 Appearance Stone: Dark Assassin Suit x1 Promotion description With the start of the promotion, you will find the Shiny Gold Pouch in the game store, which has the following description: You have a 100% chance to get a Shining Gold Bar Box, but main reward drop from a Shiny Gold Pouch with a certain chance. Check the list below to know all the possible rewards: Shining Gold Bar Boxes are a great opportunity to obtain valuable rewards at the NPC Dimensional Merchant in any town. Note, that there are two exchange options: exchange of the new items - only for promotion period; permanent exchange of the old items. Do not forget, that Vitality Maintaining Rune is sold unpacked, the item timer starts ticking immediately after item was purchased from NPC. Mammon's Talismans Meet the Mammon's Talisman Boxes: they can be exchanged, dropped, sold and cannot be shared within an account. Also, NPC Dimensional Merchant have the exchange of Vitality Beer for a Honey Vitality Beer. Vitality Beer can be obtained for a Shiny Gold Bar + 100,000 adena. The exchange will be available even after the promotion is over. Honey Vitality Beer Honey Vitality Beer has the following features: Good luck!