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  1. Here is the short list of answers to the main questions about the game Lineage II on our project. Q: How to start playing on the project? A: To start the game, you must register and activate the Master Account and download the game launcher. Use Master Account data to enter the game, because theyr login data are the same. More information about the Master Accounts system is here and here. Q: How to know ping to the server? A: Our game servers have the following addresses: Login server: Game Asgard: Q: Which ports are necessary to play on the server? A: You need the following ports: 2106, 80, 443, 7777, 7778, 7779 Q: Is it possible to move my character (or clan) from another server to ours? A: No. Q: Is the PA purchased on one server working on another one? A: No. Q: What about implementation? You announce 100% of all work skills, quests and more. A: That's right, our server is based on the official platform, excluded any errors of gaming mechanisms. Q: I don’t buy it, where did you get the "official" build? A: Found in the cabbage or stork brought, did not even remember. Q: Can I play in a few windows? A: Yes, it is not forbidden to upload multiple characters with different accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, the launcher allows you to do it in a convenient format without entering a password for the game account. Q: Why is the latter chronicles? A: We need to keep pace with the times, previous chronicles outdated, the game is developed and it is not necessary to adhere to a conservative way. Perhaps the abundance of servers with the old chronicles only confirms the fact that right way is to make new chronicle work because no one can - It is very difficult. Consequently, they try in every possible way to promote them under the guise of "true" and "real la2!". Q: I wanted to start the game, but don’t have enouch time, can I buy things\level? A: No, and do not even try to write to the administration. The entire range is presented in a game store and nothing more.