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  1. update

    Dear friends, today we have a great news about the next update, that will take place on Wednesday, July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC). Our servers Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 will be updated to the latest chronicles - Prelude of War. These chronicles bring various valuable innovations, including improved macro system, automatic use of consumables, raid boss Fafurion, development of Antharas, Valakas, and new R110-Grade items. Of course, the built is official, all mechanisms are implemented by the game developers and fully comply with their idea. As always, we prepare the support of an additional functionality, for example, the offline trading, the experience gain blocking and the exchange of special coins for rubles in the game store. Additionally, it is important to note that along with the servers update, the Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 servers will be merged into one. All details of the update, including the merge details will be published within a few days. All characters from the server Helheim x10 will be transferred to the server Fenrir x5. All Olympiad points would remain with players of the both servers. EXP and adena rates of the server Fenrir x5 will be increased to x10, all other rates will be x7. There will be adena rates x15 for 2 weeks after the update. Clan halls and castles states remain as they are now on Fenrir x5. If the total number of characters on 1 game account exceeds 7, then the characters of lower levels will be deleted. Recovering of deleted characters will be available in technical support for seven days. Dimensional Sieges and everything connected with them will be reset. The friends lists from Helheim x10 are not transferred. The alliances from Helheim x10 are not transferred. Commission will be cleared. Details about the part of the changes will be published just before the merge of servers. If nicks match, players from x10 will be able to change them for free. Prelude of War update: July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC).
  2. Уважаемые игроки, вы предоставили нам такое количество замечательных работ, которые мы просто не могли оставить незамеченными. По этой причине были добавлены еще 5 поощрительных призов. Встречайте наших победителей: Награды: 1 место: @Dictator 7000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 2 место: @lu4eferka 5000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 3 место: @South 3000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 4 место: @ATMOCqpepa 1500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 5 место: @сильныйкрасивый 1000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 6 место: @DAEDALUS 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 7 место: @Golgrem 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 8 место: @Miller 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 9 место: @Paris 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 10 место: @Currency 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. Свяжитесь с @Major Payne и напишете ему почту от МА для получения награды.Благодарим за участие!
  3. Уважаемые игроки! Размещение конкурсных работ и их обсуждение происходит в этой теме. Детали ивента Вы можете узнать в данной теме. Период проведения: 18.06.19 - 09.07.19 Удачи Всем участникам!
  4. Dear players! We happy to inform you about the next update of our tarot game! As we planned there will be a new list with actual rewards. Description We remind you that there is NPC Eve Fortune Teller in all main towns of the Lineage II world, which will gladly help you to win great prizes by telling fortunes with the Tarot cards. You will need Tarot Cards to play this game, cupons for which are available in game store. New rewards General Reward Royal Rewards Good luck
  5. Дорогие друзья, 27.03.2019 в 00:30 пройдет технический рестарт сервера Fenrir x5 и Helheim x10. Рестарт займет 30 минут.
  6. Dear friends, we present to your attention a new version of Eve's Fortune Teller Tarot for the server Helheim x10: General Reward Royal Reward Notice: the list includes a 9 lvl. Soul Crystal, which is not really in prizes. All other prizes correspond to the list. Good luck!