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  1. Dear friends! Finally, we are ready to present you a new update of the game Lineage II on our project! Meet! Grand Crusade! Preliminary date: May 1, 2017. Begining of maintenance at 19:00 (+3 UTC). Update? What update? This is the last update of the Russian, European and North American official server. More details on the official server page. As always, we offer you a fully official server platform, without any gaming inaccuracies or other problems. What does it mean? This means that the quality of our server is equal to the official one, increased rates and a balanced game store will not let you get bored and make your game more comfortable and pleasant! How to update? After the start of server maintenance, the patch for your client updating to the new version will be available in launcher! Just restart it and click "Play"! And that's all? Of course not! We also have a several additional news along with this grand event: - Returned players will receive bonuses! - The Red Libra event will be launched together with the update! - Runes and scrolls for new players! - We also launch a huge advertising campaign to attract newcomers and return old players! But remember that the best advertising is your opinion about the server! There will be published the additional topics about changes in the L2 ingame store, bonuses for new players, and a new action.