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Found 13 results

  1. Dear friends, check the list of main rates that will be used on the Fenrir x5 server: EXP/SP: x5; Adena: x3; Drop: x3; Spoil: x3; Quest Adena: x3. Additional settings: Grand Olympiad will start in February; Sieges will start in three weeks after the server opening; Balthus Order will be available from the start.
  2. Dear friends, soon there will be the start of our new server Fenrir x5 and in advance of the opening, we are announcing the second stage of the streamers support program. Last time it gathered many participants and we, in turn, gave a lot of prizes. If you are a beginner or experienced streamer, or just planning to start streaming your favorite game, it's a great opportunity for you to start and get valuable prizes. Conditions This time the main streaming platform is YouTube. To get to the list of participants you need to publish your game nickname and a link to the channel in this topic. Moreover, there are several additional requirements: The title of your broadcast should contain the name of our complex "GameCoast"; The description of broadcast must contain a link to our site; All broadcasts must remain on the channel, up to the date of the contest end. The support program is divided into several stages, each of which lasts one week. The number of stages is unlimited and the program will be extended until it is interesting to its participants. At the end of each stage, we'll publish the list of winners in this topic and they need to contact us to get their prizes. The main criteria for the number of winners are quality of content and activity of the audience. There are no hard selection criteria, any thing can play into your hands and lead to victory. The list of participants is also posted in this topic under a special spoiler and it will always be updated during the contest. If the streamer did not participate in one of the stages, i.e. did not make streams on these dates, he/she will be removed from the list and should apply for participation again. Rewards Weekly we will choose the winners and give them one of these three prizes: First place: 6,000 rubles or 12,000 rubles to the Master Account balance; Second place: 4,000 rubles or 8,000 rubles to the Master Account balance; Third place: 2,000 rubles or 4,000 rubles to the account of Master Account balance. Of course, we can add additional nominations, for example, the audience award. But without worthy participants for all tree rewards the list of prizes on a certain week could be reduced. Contest period The first stage will begin on January 22 and end on January 29. We will summarize and publish a list of winners on the forum on February 1. And the second stage begins immediately after the completion of the first. The first stage completed. The second stage began on January 30 and ends on February 5. A list of winners will be published on February 8. The third stage began on February 6 and ends on February 12. A list of winners will be published on February 15. It would be the last stage of this competition. List of participants Good luck!
  3. Dear friends, today we have a great news about the next update, that will take place on Wednesday, July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC). Our servers Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 will be updated to the latest chronicles - Prelude of War. These chronicles bring various valuable innovations, including improved macro system, automatic use of consumables, raid boss Fafurion, development of Antharas, Valakas, and new R110-Grade items. Of course, the built is official, all mechanisms are implemented by the game developers and fully comply with their idea. As always, we prepare the support of an additional functionality, for example, the offline trading, the experience gain blocking and the exchange of special coins for rubles in the game store. Additionally, it is important to note that along with the servers update, the Helheim x10 and Fenrir x5 servers will be merged into one. All details of the update, including the merge details will be published within a few days. All characters from the server Helheim x10 will be transferred to the server Fenrir x5. All Olympiad points would remain with players of the both servers. EXP and adena rates of the server Fenrir x5 will be increased to x10, all other rates will be x7. There will be adena rates x15 for 2 weeks after the update. Clan halls and castles states remain as they are now on Fenrir x5. If the total number of characters on 1 game account exceeds 7, then the characters of lower levels will be deleted. Recovering of deleted characters will be available in technical support for seven days. Dimensional Sieges and everything connected with them will be reset. The friends lists from Helheim x10 are not transferred. The alliances from Helheim x10 are not transferred. Commission will be cleared. Details about the part of the changes will be published just before the merge of servers. If nicks match, players from x10 will be able to change them for free. Prelude of War update: July 24, at 17:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC).
  4. Dear friends, the OBT of the server Fenrir x5 is going into high gear. Anyone can join, develop their own strategy for the most efficient start, try the desired class, or just have fun. For your convenience we prepared special conditions on the test server: All characters at the start have a large stock of adena; In each city, you will find cats helpers and they can raise your level, give a profession and sell various items, including equipment; Free game store. We welcome any constructive feedback from you. It will help us make the server even better than it is. OBT will last until the day of the official start, after which all the characters will be removed. The official opening of the Fenrir x5 will take place On Friday, January 25, at 19:00 Moscow time You can participate in the following contests: First chapter: win real prizes; Invite friends - earn bonuses before the start. We will be glad to meet each of you at the official opening, it will be very bright!
  5. Dear friends, allow me to bring to your attention the rewards list of the "Eve Fortune Teller" at the start of the Fenrir x5 server. Of course, the list will be regularly updated in course of time. General Reward Royal Rewards Good luck!
  6. Приветствуем, Игроки! Мы приглашаем всех поучавствовать в конкурсе, который поможет Вам вместе со своими друзьями вступить на путь великих приключений в мире Адена. Вы сможете разделить с товарищами все радости от побед на сервере с официальной платформой Lineage 2 Orfen - Fenrir X5. Основная цель конкурса состоит в том, чтобы пригласить как можно больше друзей, знакомых и просто рядовых игроков на сервер. Мы предлагаем 3 номинации, за участие в каждой из которых Вы можете получить очень приятные бонусы на старте. Пригласи своих друзей У большинства из нас есть масса знакомств, напрямую связанных с нашими увлечениями. Расскажите максимальному количеству Ваших друзей о нашем сервере. Условия и вознаграждения: Необходимо создать конференцию в одном из популярных мессенджеров - Skype, Telegram, Discord, Team Speak. Минимальное количество участников в ней – 50 человек; Отправить приглашающее на комплекс сообщение со ссылкой; Скриншоты конференций, содержащие сообщение и несколько ответов, необходимо присылать на [email protected] с темой «Мессенджер» и вашим мастер аккаунтом (мейл); Приз: бонус на счет аккаунта равный количеству приглашенных в конференцию пользователей (но не более 200 бонусов). Пригласи знакомых и игроков через форумы и группы в социальных сетях Не стоит забывать, что существует огромное количество различных тематических форумов, групп в социальных сетях и прочих сообществ. Удачная рассылка сможет привлечь массу игроков. Для этого можно использовать представленный ниже текст и изображение, но мы не ограничиваем Вас, если захотите написать свое сообщение. Условия и вознаграждения: Минимум 15 публикаций в разных сообществах; Доказательство – скриншоты, содержащие видимую адресную строку браузера; Скриншоты необходимо присылать на [email protected] с темой «Сообщества» и вашим мастер-аккаутом (мейл). Приз: каждый, кто выполнит условия конкурса, получит вознаграждение в размере 100 бонусных очков на счет мастер аккаунта. Предложи свой вариант приглашения пользователей Более того, мы всегда открыты к новому и будем рады любому креативу с Вашей стороны. Придумайте свой эффективный способ для приглашения игроков, продемонстрируйте его и получите щедрое вознаграждение с нашей стороны. Призовой бонус на усмотрение администрации; Доказательства и пояснения присылайте на [email protected] с темой «Приключение» и вашим мастер аккаунтом (мейл); Продолжительность конкурса: Конкурс будет длиться до 25 января, призы будут выдаваться в течение всего конкурса. Не забывайте указывать свои логины, отправляя письма на почту [email protected] Все призы выдаются в одни руки (дважды принимать участие в одной номинации нельзя).
  7. Welcome, Players! We invite everyone to participate in the competition, which will help you along with your friends to embark on the path of great adventures in the world of Aden. You can share with your friends all the joy of winning on the server with the official platform Lineage 2 Orfen - Fenrir X5 . The main goal of the competition is to invite as many friends, acquaintances and just ordinary players to the server as possible. We offer 3 nominations, for participation in each of which you can get very nice bonuses at the start. Invite your friends Most of us have a lot of acquaintances directly related to our hobbies. Tell about our server to the maximum number of your friends. Rewards and conditions: You should create a conference in one of popular messengers - Skype, Telegram, Discord, Team Speak. The number of participants must be at least 50 people; You have to send a message with the link that invites players to our server; Screenshots of conference with message and a few answers of participants should be sent to [email protected] with the title "Messenger" and your Master Account (e-mail); Reward: bonus to your account equal to the number of users invited to the conference (but not more than 200 bonuses). Invite friends and players through forums and groups in social networks Do not forget that there are a huge number of different thematic forums, groups in social networks and other communities. Successful distribution will be able to attract a lot of players. To do this, you can use the following text and image. But we do not limit you and if you want to write your own message, you can do it. Rewards and conditions: You need at least 15 publications in various communities; Confirmation is screenshots containing visible browser address bar; Screenshots should be sent to [email protected] with the title "Community" and your Master Account. Prize: everyone who satisfy conditions of competition will receive a reward of 100 bonus points. Suggest your own version of user invitation Offer your version of inviting users: Moreover, we are always open to a new and creative ideas and will be glad to any of it. Come up with effective way to invite new players, show it and get a generous reward from us The prize bonus at the discretion of the administration; Confirmation send to [email protected] with the topic "Adventure" and your Master Account (e-mail); Contest duration The contest will last until January 25, the prizes will be given during the entire competition. Do not forget to add your email of Master Account to the message on [email protected] You can't participate in one nomination twice.
  8. Dear friends, there will be the test server helpers Mr. Cat and Queen of Hearts during the OBT in each city. They will help you to get all the necessary items and simplify your game life as much as possible. The cats have the following features for the characters: Obtain 105 level (for this you need to be level 85, i.e. pass the Balthus); Get the first profession; Get the second profession; Get the third profession; Get the fourth profession (rebirth); Become a nobleman; Get honorary status. Items: Receive a reward for completing the assignments of the Balthus Knights' Order; Buy items (dyes, shots, equipment); Buy modifiers or other items (enchanting, stones, and so on); Buy vitamins (various items). Clan: Increase the level of the clan. Moreover, all the characters get 500kkk adena after creating.
  9. Dear players! We happy to inform you about the next update of our tarot game. Meet the actual Eve's game rewards: General Reward Royal Reward Good luck!
  10. Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. On 28.01.2019 at 16:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) will be the maintenance of the game server Fenrir x5, Helheim x10, Midgard x3, site, and forum. It will take about 1 hour.
  11. Dear friends, we remind you about the good tradition of our world: to organize contests with real prizes on every start of the new server. There are only a few nominations, after a win in which player can decide whether to get a prize on a game balance or on internet wallet. In our turn, we tried to unite the nominations that may be interesting to the maximum number of people. Okay, let's go. Seizure and Keeping of Aden Castle The purpose of this nomination is to seize the most famous castle in the whole game world, the castle that knows absolutely everyone from young to old - Aden. The most important thing that to seize the castle is just half the battle. More difficult is to keep this castle for a long time. The conditions are as follows: Clan leader of a clan, that would take Aden Castle before everyone else, will receive a reward in the amount of 20,000 rubles, or 40,000 rubles on the game balance. A clan leader can take the reward for seizing Aden. Or try to hold the castle during a next siege, then clan leader will receive in total 60,000 rubles (120,000 on the game balance). If you fail to hold the castle, you will not get any reward. If clan can't hold castle on the second siege, then invader clan will receive 20,000 rubles (40,000 rubles on the game balance). Seize selected castle Obviously, there are castles equally valuable to the Aden castle. We offer you to choose a castle for your own battle. Voting is attached to this topic. Clan leader of a clan that would take this castle will receive a reward in amount of 20 000 rubles, or 40 000 rubles on the game balance. How to be a Hero! Hero status is another cherished goal of many players, and we will be happy to support this aspiration. Each person who will become the first hero on the Fenrir x5 server will receive a real prize, just like the clan leader, which clan will gather the highest number of the heroes: Each first hero will receive 1,000 rubles or 2,000 rubles on the game balance; The clan leader, which clan will gather the highest number of the heroes will receive 10,000 rubles or 20,000 rubles on the game balance. Honorable nobleman Another great nomination for a single player: achievement of Honorable Noble status. This is the most important stage in the development of your character, do not put it in the back box. The first five players who will pass the first quest for the Honorable Nobleman will receive their reward. The first five players who will pass the first quest for the Honorable Nobleman will receive 5,000 rubles or 10,000 rubles on the game balance.
  12. Уважаемые игроки, вы предоставили нам такое количество замечательных работ, которые мы просто не могли оставить незамеченными. По этой причине были добавлены еще 5 поощрительных призов. Встречайте наших победителей: Награды: 1 место: @Dictator 7000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 2 место: @lu4eferka 5000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 3 место: @South 3000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 4 место: @ATMOCqpepa 1500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 5 место: @сильныйкрасивый 1000 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 6 место: @DAEDALUS 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 7 место: @Golgrem 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 8 место: @Miller 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 9 место: @Paris 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. 10 место: @Currency 500 р. на счет мастер аккаунта. Свяжитесь с @Major Payne и напишете ему почту от МА для получения награды.Благодарим за участие!
  13. Уважаемые игроки! Размещение конкурсных работ и их обсуждение происходит в этой теме. Детали ивента Вы можете узнать в данной теме. Период проведения: 18.06.19 - 09.07.19 Удачи Всем участникам!