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  1. dont try to scare a lion with a chopstick u might find urself in bad position anyway, gl with finding bd at lvl 60 PS:ShitHappenz
  2. Not a problem bro, i warned u - it is up to u to decide what u wanna do with ur life. I alrdy dealt with at least 4-5 such guys on this forum. selfish liars who only trick ppl
  3. Anyway no one cares your random cp with no bd. This forum seem to be full of selfish liars, let em stay together - they ll ruin everything by themselves
  4. can u send me ur photo now pls? i wanna see that face, which is probably bloody red cuz of pure animal anger
  5. go tell these thing to someone else. purging ur name is hard, after u do such things, and no matter how hard u try - no one will believe a rat i just totally dont care about ur fate, it is u who just came to forum spaming weird things and deleting them afterwards, swearing at family like a kid and trying to somehow make other's game worse instead of just accepting being kicked after ppl know who u r such attitude doesnt make u better in any way who ll need such a kid in their cp? and u just keep revealing that all suggestions about u r true
  6. nice try making someone a scamer while being a scamer XD and how can he know if he was kicked before server started just found out info from his previous cp that he s a rat and a scammer i hope more ppl will check this out PS: also a guy swearing in romanian about family death seems so trustable and mature, yeah...
  7. cheater detected PS: why do u delete all ur posts? afraid of being screwed? poor boy
  8. i even sent a bug report about this smth like week ago, same problem
  9. PS: U guys dont want MagicElf in ur CP - rat
  10. hello, do you have a skype ?

  11. For comfortable start only EE remains
  12. Have wc bd sws bp titan alrdy, need tank assasin and 1 elder yet. Dunno bout tyrant yet. I d like to get EE. Assasins r acceptable