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  1. Lol, I only asked him afterwards if he was still interested better learn the words you use pal. P.s. Will not need to "whoop" your random cp anyway, you can "woop" yourself tho.
  2. If you cannot take responsibility for your words, better play solo with boxes. ps: imba melee cp w/o bd
  3. Not a good attempt to cover your lies.
  4. Then what about your members? Don't you respect them? https://prnt.sc/k0t3no
  5. Hey, Sorry, our CP is full as you can read above.
  6. Hey, I sent you the link for Discord.
  7. Hey, Check your inbox for the Discord link.
  8. Hey, We are using Discord for our CP, I sent you our Discord link as a PM.
  9. We currently have 5 players, all can speak English, however, sorry none of us can speak Spanish.
  10. A CP of 8 looking for an international clan and EE for our last slot. Our current setup is BD+SWS+BP+WC+Tank+3 DDs. Our prime time is from 18:00 to 22:00 (GMT +2). We have been playing since C4. Anyone who can speak adequate English is acceptable.