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  1. Hope the google translate was correct for the rules . Original : Summoning the nature inside town :
  2. And what about the ticket for english client?
  3. For the start of the server, the tarots are ok. For sure they will update the rewards later, but even for 1-2 months it will be enough for some fun with this tarot rewards. And, let's be honest now, what server is not p2win?:)
  4. lol :D:D I wrote something else , dunno what's with that
  5. My situation for the new server is as blurry as the CP section I think there will be some people ( at least at the beginning , like always ). Also many cps join full already so they don't post on forum. Will you play with Davidor?
  6. From what I understood, as clans, there will be BornToBeBad / RiseOfSun / LostHeven ( for sure ). As CPs.... still blurry section for me also
  7. /insert sarcasm Why not make them respawn every day, every 4 hours? or every hour? Why not make a gm shop ? with all you guys want? yah, let's transform it in a java server where everyone can get big&strong and pew pew everyone, so there will be no butthurts. /end of sarcasm
  8. Circlets cannot be obtained from mammon anymore? because on english client they are missing.
  9. Hello. Is the fish stew,shiny gold and pumpkin fragments fixed? I can't find it on english client fixed. Thank you.
  10. @Yanessa Please take into consideration that the limited time items for this event will be gone in 7 days. We couldn't enjoy the freya event on english client, so when you have some free time please help us with this event,at least. Thank you.