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  1. fenrir x5

    For the start of the server, the tarots are ok. For sure they will update the rewards later, but even for 1-2 months it will be enough for some fun with this tarot rewards. And, let's be honest now, what server is not p2win?:)
  2. Good luck guessing this
  3. lol :D:D I wrote something else , dunno what's with that
  4. My situation for the new server is as blurry as the CP section I think there will be some people ( at least at the beginning , like always ). Also many cps join full already so they don't post on forum. Will you play with Davidor?
  5. From what I understood, as clans, there will be BornToBeBad / RiseOfSun / LostHeven ( for sure ). As CPs.... still blurry section for me also
  6. /insert sarcasm Why not make them respawn every day, every 4 hours? or every hour? Why not make a gm shop ? with all you guys want? yah, let's transform it in a java server where everyone can get big&strong and pew pew everyone, so there will be no butthurts. /end of sarcasm
  7. Welcome to the VIP corner!
  8. Circlets cannot be obtained from mammon anymore? because on english client they are missing.
  9. Hello. Is the fish stew,shiny gold and pumpkin fragments fixed? I can't find it on english client fixed. Thank you.
  10. @Yanessa Please take into consideration that the limited time items for this event will be gone in 7 days. We couldn't enjoy the freya event on english client, so when you have some free time please help us with this event,at least. Thank you.
  11. Any info when that will be?:)
  12. yah well .... =)) We can take the night off :D
  13. There are.... not enough tho:)