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  1. ArgLow usually gives most of the drops. He keeps some indeed, but overall parties usually get most of the drops
  2. go for classic if u want as small p2w as it can be right now
  3. This is english section, not russian section. Please stick to english....
  4. The problem will be server start when few thousdans of players will have to kill 200 mobs in same location.
  5. I think the cloaks are bigger problem than potions and shots. But we'll see if they listen to feedback, because on Russian forum they are dissapointed as well.
  6. If you think disabling dualbox will have any actual impact on dualboxing on a russian server, you are cute. They open more VBox/vmware machines than you can imagine. But for people who have no clue how it works it'll be a problem. So I would leaveit as it is. If you played other retail classics you know dualbox is part of the game. It was different before, yes. There were no looped macros which made it harder compared to today, but still, I wouldnt block it. Also first lines of your post, Im touched.
  7. Rofl delete these cloaks are you crazy? If they work like on retail then it's overpowered pay to win item...
  8. RyanSparklings

    CP lfm

    Hello, We're group of 4 players from central europe. We are looking to be merged with other CP or we are looking for members. We play L2 since 2007. Our playtime is 19-24 GMT+1 on weekdays and slightly longer on weekends. For mains we picked dagger, heal, tank, summoner/titan, but we can always switch to different setup.
  9. I thought its something for classic :3