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  1. Most of Lineage 2 players knows that if you are selling your stuff to NPC's in Giran you getting more adena, than in other townsBut actually that's not true/ When Giran Castle is on the Light side price is calculated as follows: Price = (Base Price : 2) - 10%But most of the players don't know that you can evade 10% tax.Grocer Chortie from Devil's Isle will buy your items for (Base Price : 2) with no 10% tax.By selling items to Chortie you will get exactly 10% more adena.How to find Chortie?- Use Gatekeeper in Town of Giran to teleport to "Entrance to the Devil's Isle"- Follow this map to find Chortie:IMPORTANT! Devil's Isle full of agressive monsters lvl 70-75!How to evade monsters:1. Use Scroll of Invisibility. You can acqire one from opening Golden Treasure Chest from fishing.2. Use Blue Talisman - Invisibility. You can get it from opening Clan's Special Supplies from daily clan rewards. Blue Talisman - Invisibility can be acquired only from medium Supplies and higher.3. Use "Relogs" to evade monsters. When you relog, monsters can't attack you for a while. If you found some translation issues, please PM me! English is not my native language, so I used google translate most of the time. Original RU post here.