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  1. minimum 1.5 sec max big lag and dc
  2. try lot times . and pc rr everything..
  3. I feel all day lagg and delay . in test server everything is fine . still got dos?
  4. i feel delay somethimes big sometimes low in test server no delay . any solutions ?
  5. still looking active players for long term play . pm
  6. i tell you a big secret.. in all zones will be lot peoples special low zones..
  7. in aden map is black how solve ?
  8. what time server start hour gmt?
  9. there is box limit on live? i recomend 1 box per pc
  10. what about donation ? weapons , premium , scrools etc?
  11. Looking players to join melee cp prime time 8 morning to 8 evening (about) gmt +2 PM