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  1. For some reason after the update i see all the items how NoItemName :/
  2. x40 disconected in 10s
  3. This was after one new update today, i updated my client and this happends, also i tryed to delete my system folder and recheck the client but same problem
  4. Im getting disconected after this patch, like 1 disconected every 30 minutes :(
  5. And spanilsh ? We need one healer for one of the cps xd
  6. Este es un juego de un servidor de gamecoast, otro servidor y cuántos pts ->
  7. Si venimos de un server ertheia conocido que los admins la cagaron, jugamos otros servers oficiales tambien pero no se pueden nombrar por aca, te dejo mi discord por si queres tener un mejor contacto.
  8. Actualmente somos poco mas de 2 cps y estamos en busca de gente activa con ganas de jugar, se aceptan todas las comunidades de habla hispana y somos un grupo solido y de varios años
  9. +1 We need one better proxy, im from uruguay and 270 to 320 is to high to play properly, and there is a high population of people what want to play in this server what they from from LAS and NA
  10. Hey, im looking for one healer if you are intresting you can pm me or write to me in discord, there you have the link : We speak spanilsh and our prime time is gtm -3 at 18hs
  11. We re looking for healers to play in the new server x7, pm me or post here or you can use this link to join our discord.
  12. Grupo de viejos amigos buscan supports para cps en el nuevo servidor que esta por empezar / Group of old friends we re researching for supports to make cps. Para mas informacion pueden mandarme mp o usar este discord For more information you can use this discord or send me one mp
  13. Como dice el titulo buscamos cp, horario de juego de 16h a 00 uruguay, y fines de semana todo el dia
  14. Pm in game if u want be one sws "pipum
  15. Se busca BP, WC y dds activos, horarios -3gtm a partir de las 17hs en adelante. We lf bp,wc and dealer, must be active, time zone -3 gtm 17hs to 00hs
  16. Up up up up up, buscamos gente o una cp que disponga de slots para pensar el setup juntos
  17. I´m lf one clan too if u can find one tell me :p
  18. My cp lf clan or side if there is someone interesing in recruit us :D we speak english and spanish
  19. How the tittle says, we are from uruguay and argentina, and we are recruiting iss healer or dd for the cp, the lvl doenst matters, we want active people only :)