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  1. Thats totally not true, who is to lazy to do this easy quest for cards shouldnt earn a reward too. Its random event and even low level player or top player has same chances. Random player got today valakas thrower fragment so you can think if this event isnt for new players.
  2. If the 24 hours are on offcial server too, they will probaly keep it by 24 hours.
  3. Its normally from this update so i think we will keep it.
  4. The freya ice rose is very nice.
  5. Would be good.
  6. Very good job with the adena cut, i lost trillions and as i said you before the prices stay the same. Was no use for this at all.
  7. The problem is you cut our adena and sadly there wont be any change at prices, if it would effect the price ok, but with rates x10 (x15 for 2 weeks) prices will stay the same, so i lost trillions of adena for nothing. Was not my fault that people didnt had so much adena.
  8. For what i farmed 7 trillion adena? now half is gone
  9. That item is even to much for me , we get so much new content, better add something else as this cloaks they are to crazy.
  10. Yes im still here. Pm me on cornelia or write mail ingame.
  11. Hello i want to admit that the admins should remove the pk drop abuse, its a game bug and its known. Do it like on the official innova RU and EU servers. You cant farm normal through the night because the greedy people will always try to do this stupid PK bug.
  12. Yeah lets hope then atleast we get prelude of war.
  13. event

    Dont think there will come a fix, only 4 days left :)
  14. Hello since weeks / months the auction house is buged, when i buy something i cant find it the same stuff anymore it just dissapears but noone buyed it. After some hours it appears again. Same error on english and russian client and most time search "misc" dont work at all.
  15. Do you play classic or orfen patch servers? If you play orfen patch servers you dont need any buffer, you can get newbie buffs for free or later over lv 94 you buy 1 hour buffs for 3kk adena or you just use cocktails. If you play classic you need multi box of characters.