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  1. Total nosense, to ban somebody because a billion dollar company cant fix a program to run correct, ncsoft should ban them self.
  2. I see my friend you are new to gamecoast.
  3. You can write with normal letters too, dont write like a idiot. This doulbe xp/drop was not over on 10.06.2020. GMs removed it at this last restart it was anyways time.
  4. This double xp/drop was from this event. It should be long ago over already, be lucky they had it longer as it should be.
  5. Lol. Thats a character of a friend and i loged him today to look something. In the rankings if you are offline more as 1 month you dissapear, this character wasnt on for more as 1month because that he jumped to level 114
  6. 4375 rub is ok the price, before this update people was selling for 1b per 1 book, you needed 875b to make 1 x lv30 skill (in that time IM price was 200kk +- in the end would be the same price as before to do a skill). Even if the mobs would drop this books, you wouldnt get a room in atelia refinary - the top clans would just pk you like before.
  7. Hello as we all know we have big problems to obtain Forgotten Spellbooks / Книга Забытой Силы Глава. The best solution it would be to offer them in the L2Store like NCWest did it. New and old players will have it then much easier to obtain this books which are needed alot, price could be 5 rub 1 x lv1 book (4375 rub to make a lv30 skill) Or you can offer a transfer service for the books from 1 char to another between the masteraccount. (For older players who want to reroll or whatever)
  8. Damaged spellbooks dont bring you anything anymore because you cant exchange them at NPC "Anton" - the exchange option is gone.
  9. We got the nerf from official server EU/RU adena got 1/3 in golden altar as before. It will stay like this, wait after event then we gonna see how much l2 store coins will cost.
  10. Damage formula has been changed "level difference pvp formula" has not be changed, log into game bring urself with lv 115 or a friend with lv 115 - i will come with a lv 105 chars with my items and give you still a 1 shot. Like that you gonna see level difference for damage is not important - people who cry that they lose in oly because top players are high level, they dont lose of the level difference - they lose because of the huge item difference.
  11. At this point i see how low knowledge you have on all this stuff, this level difference that i posted is only for "monster" at pvp your level has a very low impact on damage. To be exact if you are lv 110 and your opponent is lv 120, you will just deal 8.7%(here is not p.atk or m.atk gain calculated into but its not a big deal) lower damage, every level difference is 0.87% in damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Quote" from experiment "175" in l2 eu forum
  12. I see alot of people dont know how daggers are working, so i will explain how p.crit damage and p.skill crit damage works by dagger. Most players think that crit dmg and p.skill crit dmg are counted together on dagger. We need to seperate from the normal critical hit from dagger and a skill critical hit from dagger. Depending on DEX, a blow can 'crit' (deal double - or more - damage). This is misleading, as a blow always says “Critical Hit” in the chat window, even when it does not crit When the blow does not crit, it's damage is increased by “Critical Damage” only, the “Skill Critical Damage” stat is ignored completely I will give you a example: Lets say we have no buffs at all and deal "1000" damage to a target The only items we have are: Warrior's Ring gives 15% Critical Damage and 15% Skill Critical Damage / PoM gives 25% Critical Damage and 25% Skill Critical Damage / Earth Wyrm gives 20% Critical Damage NOSKILLCRITICAL example: 1000 (dmg) * 1.2 (Trasken ring 20% crit dmg) * 1.15 (Warrior ring 15% crit dmg) * 1.25 (PoM 25% crit dmg) = 1725 When that blow crits, the extra Skill Critical Damage is applied the following way: SKILLCRITICAL example: 1725 * 2 (base multiplier for a critical) * 1.15 (Warrior ring 15% skill crit. Damage) 1.25 (PoM 25% skill crit. Damage) = 4959 On this example you can see how important it is to reach high DEX. 80 DEX is needed for good skill crit rate and from 90 DEX you crit almost all time .
  13. Best and cheapest way to gain more damage as dagger is, get a paulina eternal ring:'s Ring_Street Crete. Atk. / you gain 15% crit dmg and 15% p.skill crit dmg 2nd get dex dyes that you reach 80 dex till you dont get over this cap keep the dyes when you can reach 80 dex without "dex dyes" switch to str dyes (you need DEX that your skills always crit, "dagger skills" always crit but you can have double skill crit damage as dagger and at 80 dex you crit nearly all time) Dual daggers> single hand daggers get a earth wyrm ring: Ring its cheap and give 20% crit damage Dual skills: there is alot of more stuff if you can speak english, feel free to ask me