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  1. I have tried if this new payment method is working and im getting this message.
  2. fenrir x5

    Of course its x5 and where you saw x3 rates? In russian forum is written x5 too
  3. fenrir x5

    Hello i cant see the hidden contents, doesnt show any picture. Update: Now its working, thank you.
  4. This "shoppers" are not loged in because that it looks more populated, we have at the moment a Event. At this Event you can get everyday 1 buff that takes 3 hours and after that you get a bag as gift ( reset everyday at 6:30 am ), because that people log all this characters to get this bags. The event end on 18.01 after that all this "shoppers" will dissapear again.
  5. @R1hanna now stop finally trash talking to Astatina. What you gave to him is payed back.
  6. @R1hanna @Diamond both of you are big trash talkers(and who are u even ingame?), what is your problem if we help each other in our CP? Do you have so much envy in your life? Stop crying like a kid and btw chuck would even win against you without any boost.
  7. Thanks to google translate, im for fixed spawn time of dragons
  8. Server is retail like(100%) just rates x10, no custom stuff. The average online is hard to tell just login and see whats up.
  9. True if u want to get it only way switch to russian client :(
  10. It says zodiac agathion charms but you get totally diffrent Agathions in this menu. I dont know why is that hard to changes this and on russian client just nothing happens when u click on the the menu
  11. Hello i want to upgrade normal Agathions to Agathion Charms to enchant them but this option doesnt exist at dimensional merchant anymore (was working in salvation) i checked it on RU client to and its not working. Upgrade to Ultimate/Transcendent at blacksmith at mammon doesnt exist anymore on english client.
  12. You can buy in only on russian client, not working atm on english.
  13. Ok now its working, thank you.
  14. When i try to start with english client i get a error.