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  1. event

    Dont think there will come a fix, only 4 days left :)
  2. Hello since weeks / months the auction house is buged, when i buy something i cant find it the same stuff anymore it just dissapears but noone buyed it. After some hours it appears again. Same error on english and russian client and most time search "misc" dont work at all.
  3. Do you play classic or orfen patch servers? If you play orfen patch servers you dont need any buffer, you can get newbie buffs for free or later over lv 94 you buy 1 hour buffs for 3kk adena or you just use cocktails. If you play classic you need multi box of characters.
  4. In future updates NCsoft adds "fantasy harmony" all in one harmony판타지아+하모니 use google translate
  5. Doomcryer has the mix harmony mage/warrior in ones, most searched iss classes are Iss sword muse and iss hierophant and they are the most searched for pvp/pve
  6. event

    This item was missing in RU l2store too, they making now restart to fix it.
  7. Fenrir x5

    Royal Red Card is working normal it gives -1 this other "Red Save Cards" are not royal and they give -3
  8. Helheim x10

    For months we didnt got any good Eod stuff from taro or events and the fish event was not the best for energy of destruction too. Would be time to add something for eod not always this giants energy, that nobody need on the server.
  9. Haha not that much but if there will be no cloaks i will open the warehouse a bit and sell some
  10. Claim a castle and get the better cloak:), joke by side if no taro has it only avaible from old players who have it.