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  1. top boost?
  2. I tested it myself 30 minutes ago there is no confirmation needed. How its said dragon weapon dont add damage to dragon mobs.
  3. Absolute right what he said dont give bonus damage on dragon mobs.
  4. I miss dagger pvp videos, people should upload more.
  5. Very long time ago...
  6. There is still a english community not big but its there, tds is not here anymore how marw said its renamed to EternalAvatar.
  7. Yes that is on official server the same. 10 sec google and you can see how it works
  8. Enchant any noble circlet to +5 and change it a dimensional merchant for a radiant stone.
  9. Thats totally not true, who is to lazy to do this easy quest for cards shouldnt earn a reward too. Its random event and even low level player or top player has same chances. Random player got today valakas thrower fragment so you can think if this event isnt for new players.
  10. If the 24 hours are on offcial server too, they will probaly keep it by 24 hours.
  11. Its normally from this update so i think we will keep it.
  12. The freya ice rose is very nice.
  13. Would be good.
  14. Very good job with the adena cut, i lost trillions and as i said you before the prices stay the same. Was no use for this at all.