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  1. You just speaking stupid things, fragment cost around 800kkk if its a "fighter" if u have antharas thrower you wont get it for 800kkk for sure and this 2T is just the price calculated that you will go for sure a higher worth fragment weapon. After red libra you dont know if this offer comes again, so if u want now a retri, lindvior caster or bow you need to pay alot.
  2. Tanzanite lv 4 dont work too but thats because there exist 2 ID's of lv 4 la vie en jewels, please fix it
  3. fenrir x5

    .exp off
  4. Admins wrote once that after the update we will have red libra, about the newbie pack sets i dont know.
  5. If a low player farms 50-60b per day he is already top and a single player who farms 300b daily i didnt meet yet.
  6. I dont think its a problem by our provider.
  7. top boost?
  8. I tested it myself 30 minutes ago there is no confirmation needed. How its said dragon weapon dont add damage to dragon mobs.
  9. Absolute right what he said dont give bonus damage on dragon mobs.
  10. I miss dagger pvp videos, people should upload more.
  11. Very long time ago...
  12. There is still a english community not big but its there, tds is not here anymore how marw said its renamed to EternalAvatar.
  13. Yes that is on official server the same. 10 sec google and you can see how it works
  14. Enchant any noble circlet to +5 and change it a dimensional merchant for a radiant stone.