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  1. Hello, as i can see its 4.8 update now on the Aion Server. Im not playing here Aion (playing Lineage2) but i can say u for sure that are here retail (official) files.
  2. First you should learn mechanics of the boss and then try it again. Go there and hit like a idiot wont work for you sadly.
  3. For what you need new server? On the old one all items are really easy to get and they got really cheap + xping got very fast.
  4. Illusion of dagger doesnt matter, i won today the box and i didnt use illusion skill to win it.
  5. Still good solo for dagger. Not full boost on experience - 20-25 QT exp per day are possible.
  6. Cornelia


    Hi, your ram wont make it. That are just 9 windows by me and look how much ram it takes.
  7. 10k IM it cost and you can change to all dragon weapons.
  8. Total nosense, to ban somebody because a billion dollar company cant fix a program to run correct, ncsoft should ban them self.
  9. I see my friend you are new to gamecoast.
  10. You can write with normal letters too, dont write like a idiot. This doulbe xp/drop was not over on 10.06.2020. GMs removed it at this last restart it was anyways time.
  11. This double xp/drop was from this event. It should be long ago over already, be lucky they had it longer as it should be.
  12. Lol. Thats a character of a friend and i loged him today to look something. In the rankings if you are offline more as 1 month you dissapear, this character wasnt on for more as 1month because that he jumped to level 114
  13. 4375 rub is ok the price, before this update people was selling for 1b per 1 book, you needed 875b to make 1 x lv30 skill (in that time IM price was 200kk +- in the end would be the same price as before to do a skill). Even if the mobs would drop this books, you wouldnt get a room in atelia refinary - the top clans would just pk you like before.