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  1. I dont pk people in golden altar, people pay to go into this zone - i dont want to get pked so i do the same and dont kill anybody. He can check easy who killed him with damage window.
  2. who is this guy? and what i did to him?
  3. Bring the topaz here, its a official game feature and the supports miss alot of dmg, very needed for tank and Iss + Healer. EU / RU and NA + every other oversea official server has it, so we should get it too.
  4. Then you didnt tested it right, its not all good explained but if you know how it works you will see there is no bug. VoP buff dont give you this bonus stat " Spirit of Iss " gives you this extra p.atk/m.atk - p.def/m.def Look on the picture this buff stay even when vop is gone.
  5. It give you this stats P. Critical Rate/ Damage and P./ M. Skill Critical Rate/ Damage +15% , this other description " Additionally, P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20% " is not good translated. That bonus only get the ISS who is casting this buff.
  6. Steel Mind works like this skill from evis, you have a chance to get the 5x damage
  7. Here you can see in korea that Energy of Destruction is sold for 7kk each in grocery store, if that is already there possible it would be good if Admins could add this alreeady by us because we need this so much and its missing for months(if not even years).
  8. @inverse all you write is totally true we lack of so much necessary things thats already funny, with the eod(zelenka) i would even add it already now in the grocery store because who cries for official like, thats official but in later update, korea got it already.
  9. No use to speak with this guy, just wait for psychiatry, i hope they can help him.
  10. Dont worry about them, all of them have mental issues, they will not get banned but a psychiatrist will take them to there new home
  11. Please ban this guy he spamming forum with stupid questions since weeks with just different names. Thank you