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  1. 06/06/2020 at 00.00 MSK server will be restarted. Weekend rates will be included. Time of action: from Friday 05.06 00:00 Moscow time until the next restart (tentatively until Monday 08.06). [Event] Tarot Cards will be added. The period is from June 6 to June 20.
  2. Changes after restart: Omega/Ragnarok: level of RB increased to 65, now when killing drop Enchantment Stone 100-115 level; rangers and assassins can no longer use candy from Unstable Runadium; Return Scroll now have cast of 3 seconds; working on a zone for PvP (KOR and tournaments); working on the event; the wrong arena ticket that was in compensation was replaced with the correct one.
  3. Изменения после проведенного рестарта: Хранитель Валон/Мутант Натараз: уровень РБ увеличен до 65, теперь при убийстве выпадают Волшебные камни 100 - 115 уровень; убийцы/лучники теперь не могут использовать конфеты с Нестабильного Рунадиума; свитки мгновенного телепорта теперь имеют каст 3 секунды; работа над зоной для PvP (KOR и турниров); работа над ивентом; неверный билет на арену, который был в компенсации, заменен на верный.
  4. 02.06.2020 at 00.00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out on the server, the server will be unavailable for up to 60 minutes.
  5. 02.06.2020 в 00.00 по МСК будут проводится технические работы на сервере, сервер будет недоступен до 60 минут.
  6. Dear friends! We would like to sincerely thank you for choosing our project! You help us develop for the better, inspire new events and innovations in the game. We have been working for you for almost two months now. Thank you for being with us to this day! Let's sum up the results of the work performed and look a little into the future of the project. What innovations have we made for you? 1. For many players, a great convenience was the introduction of a fix to change the change of weapons - now it happens instantly. 2. Added commands to stop the experience, as well as to enable it - .exp off (disable) and .exp on (enable). 3. Added a command to check for the remaining limit - .limit . 4. We made the entrance to the arena automatic as soon as for you will be picked up by an opponent. 5. Added special functionality to the dungeon for players with premium status - "Blessed treasure" (increases HP, elemental defense, magic boost and physical attack). 6. We made a fully functioning NPC for rolling back skills. 7. We have introduced skins from versions higher up, but this is not all - you will still have a portion of skins, mounts and weapons! 8. Created a function to help a stuck character (for example, in textures). 9. Actualization of Veille/Mastarius, including a new drop from RB. 10. To raise the level of Blood Crusade and Radiant Ops, so same quests to them until 65 LVL. 11. For those who want to invite their friends and get bonuses for them, we have a referral system (of course, friends will get a delicious start-up). 12. Updating rewards for sieges, adjusting the characteristics of the siege Dredgion and the General of the fortress to create interesting content. 13. Constant work on optimizing the server: from the solution errors with the input to protect against DDoS attacks. This is only a small part of what we have done. This section contains the main points that are worth paying attention to. What is the future of the project? 1. We are in the final stage of finalizing awards for game seasons. 2. The dates of the rating seasons and, of course, their implementation will be announced in the near future. 3. Active revision and update to the new version of the client. 4. For fans of hot PvP-battles, we will be working on a zone for KOR and tournaments. 5. Start working on a content patch (approximate date - early/mid-July). 6. We will work on the reward list, increasing the production of high-level Enchantment Stone and Holy Upgrade Serum. 7. In the future, we will work hard on a new event for our favorite players. 8. And again, we will introduce a new portion of external skins, mounts and weapons. And finally, we want to say that this topic will be supplemented, since this is not all the tasks that we have set for ourselves. We ask for your support and positive feedback. After all, the best motivation for us is the trust and responsiveness of the audience for which we are trying. Thank you for being with us!
  7. The auction has been replenished with several houses! Remember - a small portion of homes go on sale every week.
  8. Аукцион пополнен несколькими домами! Помните - небольшая часть домов поступает на продажу каждую неделю.
  9. Changes after restart: as a reward for quests "Aid to the Agent" and "Inggison's Darkest Hour" added reward: 100 GP and Серамиумовая медаль х1 event Compensation and Lottery of good luck Premium ring 15/30 days moved to the quest cub rescheduling products from an NPC Akame (visualization after updating the client part) added a small test number of new looks from version 4.7+ NPC Akame (visualization after updating the client part) now the candy that is in the shop (NPC Akame) assassins and rangers will not be able to use for rangers and assassins introduced the item to the shop (NPC Akame) Devil fruit (visualization after updating the client part) preparing a new premium set
  10. Изменения после проведенного рестарта: в награду за задания "Угроза Келькмаросу (повтор)" и "Угроза Ингисону (повтор)" добавлено: 100 GP и https://aiondb.ru/items/186000242.html х1 акция Лотерея удачи Premium ring 15/30 дн. перемещено в квестовый куб перепланировка товаров у NPC Akame (визуализация после обн. клиент части) добавлено небольшое тестовое кол-во новых внешек из версий 4.7+ NPC Akame (визуализация после обн. клиент части) теперь конфеты находящиеся в шопе (NPC Akame) убийцы и лучники не смогут использовать для лучников и убийц введен итем в шоп (NPC Akame) Дьявольский фрукт (визуализация после обн. клиент части) подготовка нового премиум-набор
  11. Dear players! Read this topic carefully. Compensation Lottery of good luck
  12. Дорогие игроки! Ознакомьтесь внимательно с данной темой. Компенсация Лотерея удачи
  13. 27.05.2020 at 01:00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out on the server, the server will be unavailable for up to 60 minutes.
  14. 27.05.2020 в 01.00 по МСК будут проводится технические работы на сервере, сервер будет недоступен до 60 минут.
  15. На просторах Атреи много прекрасных и невиданных мест. Чтобы принять участие в этом ивенте, даэвам предстоит вспомнить окрестности Асмодеи, Элиоса и Балауреи и найти заветные места, где побывал ГМ. There are many beautiful and unseen places on the expanses of Atreia. To take part in this event, daevas will have to remember the surroundings of Asmodae, Elysea and Balaurea and find the cherished places where the GM has visited. [RUS] [ENG] Удачи! / Good luck! Screenshot #1 - разгадано @M1ke Screenshot #2 - разгадано @Marshall.xm Screenshot #3 - разгадано @ШелестВереска Screenshot #4 - разгадано @SoloKiLL Screenshot #5 - разгадано @Appreciate Screenshot #6 - разгадано @Irens Screenshot #7 - разгадано @vesnushke Screenshot #8 - разгадано @NiiV Screenshot #9 - разгадано @Asmodei Screenshot #10 - разгадано @sei_kosame Победителей (отмечены реакцией ) просим отписаться в личные сообщения @Entaniel. Скоро будет новая "фото-охота"! Следите за новостями!