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  1. Updated version of AION 5.6 assigned! Welcome, dear friends! GameCoast is a unique project that provides you with the highest quality of game servers. We use only the official platform games, there are no flaws and problems, all the functionality of the game is available immediately and absolutely free. Our team is pleased to inform you that the date of Ingrid server update to version 5.6 has been determined. We have tested all its aspects and also completed the last preparations for the start. From 24 August, 2019 at 16:00 Moscow time the well known Ingrid server will switch from 4.8 to the long awaited 5.6 version. The server will operate event "Avatar" on a permanent basis. You can get more infomations about this event in this topic. Also, from 22 August, 2019 the Ingrid server will be offline. But there will be access to the test server and download the client itself. In honor of installing the update, we want to make gifts for you, which will be valid from 24.08 to 27.08: - 15% discount in the store; - seasonal premium for 90 days. We have been preparing for this for a long time, responsibly, efficiently and hope to meet your expectations! Throughout the time before the server upgrade, this topic will be supplemented with links to informative posts for the upcoming update. How to start playing: Create and activate an account Download the launcher and install the client Useful topic: Section Aion 5.6 & 7.1 Legions, recruitment and search Раздел для новичков Aion Group VK ver.5.6 Group VK ver.7.1 Our Instagram We're on Facebook August 24, 2019 at 16:00 Moscow time Start your Saga on the GameCoast project!
  2. It is not known how this became possible: the energy of the ether literally overflowed Atreya, filling the newly born heroes with unprecedented force. Someone thinks that this anomaly is the result of experiments conducted by myrmidons Ereshkigal. But even so, for now, this is the best chance to confront her as effectively as possible. Daev, have you ever dreamed about creating an already pumped character with a ready set of cool equipment? Dreams become reality! Take part in the event, where you can in a few minutes to create a character at once 65 levels! Time of event: from 24.08.2019 on a permanent basis Can I create an avatar? You can create only 1 character avatar on the account, thus you must have a character LVL 10 or higher. To create an avatar, players are invited to use an additional slot. To create one, or restore the remote avatar is impossible! How to do this? During the event, a special button will be available in the lower right corner of the character selection screen: After clicking on the create avatar button, the character editor will open, where you can configure the class, nickname and appearance of the future avatar. The avatar is created from the 65 level, one-on-account. You can choose an avatar for one of the 11 classes. Starting classes (for ordinary characters) can not be selected. More about avatar The avatar begins the game in the capital city of their race (Sanctum/Pandemonium). The starting set will not be equipped but you will have it in your inventory: items and 1000 kinar, there are also several titles. With the start of the game the avatar is available to perform the mission on the highest Daeva. It begins in the capital: Avatar titles Elyos: Krall Whisperer (Magic Boost +5) Honourary Black Cloud (Speed +5%) Chief Investigator (Attack +1, Speed +4%, Magic Boost +8) Asmodians: Mau Whisperer (Magic Boost +5) Honourary Black Cloud (Speed +5%) Easy Mark (Accuracy +10, Magical Acc +8, Speed +4%) Avatar equipment Expendable material (depending on class): Pets [Jakunerk] Chest: Pagati Aero (7 days) Stormwing Egg (7 days) Stigma 6 stigma for the selected class FAQ
  3. 09.08.2019 (Friday) at 20:00 Moscow time will be included buff on sharpening stigm. It will last until 12.08.2019 (Monday) 08:00 Moscow time.
  4. 09.08.2019 (пятница) в 20:00 по МСК будет включен баф на заточку стигм. Он продлится до 12.08.2019 (понедельник) 08:00 по МСК.
  5. 07/08/2019 at 00.00 MSK server will be restared.
  6. 07/08/2019 at 00.00 MSK server will be restared.
  7. 07.08.2019 в 00.00 по МСК состоится рестарт.
  8. 07.08.2019 в 00.00 по МСК состоится рестарт.
  9. Dear players! Many of you are already looking forward to and crave news on the results of our work version 5.6. We want to say with confidence that the majority of the items promised in the subject and in the group in VK: The server implemented a system of awards in PvP-battlegrounds. Introduced a special PvP-icon, for which can be to purchase such goods as: Tempering solution, a Special the magic stumbling and camping on D. have a special NPC. The list of items will be updated and edited. Sharpening jewelry is limited to +5, sharpening equipment and weapons to +15. The schedule of events is made by analogy with the site of the official localizer. The schedule will be published in a separate topic. Removed the divine stones introduced in the 5+ version. Added ratings to the Arena of Valor, Temple of warriors, Temple of the warriors (2x2), Tower of trials. Added and configured 64-bit client. The work is done to remove the imbalance of skills have minions Shitha and Grendal. A ban on the use in PvP-battleground natural transformations. Actively conducted check and large-scale launch of the largest advertising campaign on such platforms: Google Direct, Yandex Direct, Facebook, VK, as well as YouTube. "Dyson Game" disabled. Will be included as an event in 1.5-2 months after the start. Added event "Avatar". Details will be painted in a separate topic. At the moment is setting PvP-locations with NPC-rollback skills. Soon expect the announcement of the launch date of one of the best builds! We hope for your understanding and support. Start calling friends and get ready to start version 5.6. You are waiting for comfortable conditions in the PvPvE segments of the game and, of course, delicious boostaps to start your saga on our project!
  10. 01/08/2019 at 00.00 MSK server will be restared.
  11. 01/08/2019 at 00.00 MSK server will be restared.
  12. 01.08.2019 в 00.00 по МСК состоится рестарт.
  13. 01.08.2019 в 00.00 по МСК состоится рестарт.
  14. Аукцион домов запущен на сервере Hildr.
  15. 24/07/2019 at 00.00 MSK server will be restared.