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  1. So, to sum up. CC looting rights on RB with 100% hp = drops goes to this CC, doesn't matter if they did 1% of dmg on boss. Yes?
  2. (извините за мой английский на rus часть форума, вы можете ответить по-русски) when should we see CC use as stealing of drop? it needs to be precised if penalty is set to 7days ban. Example scenario to consider: A) 1 party took 20 or 30% of RB hp, 2 other parties come and put on CC loot rights. We might see basing on items/buffs who did more dmg, but we can't be sure. In such case if CC-parties turns out to done less DMG they got penalty? B) 2 party in CC have terrible dmg, but they are near boss when it spawns and immediately makes looting rights on it. Another party come when boss is 99% hp left and could deal 50x more dmg on the boss and take the drops (if it was DPS-based) but they can't since it's already locked by CC. That party can DPS boss down from 100% hp to 0% and then send ticket that CC was abused? If you can, please clarify these 2 scenarios, thanks
  3. legit auto remove of daring sonata on tank, few times instant
  4. Greg


    since 2015 you need lvl 6 minimum
  5. enlighten us which payment method did you use, or you came here just to bark like dog?
  6. Greg

    24h left

    tried 2 cards, both were not accepted i believe they only accept cards from UA/RU?
  7. its fine, if some morons will be able to take proxies down we can always switch back to main protected IP until they get bored. Thanks =)
  8. i think that DDoS protection cause problems, im having 110-150 ping with spikes to ~240 (tested with resource monitor) im located in central euro (my standard ping to germany/france is <50), it's not tragic but if you consider adding proxies it would be perfect =)
  9. you want to destroy server and look for 9/9 parties on chronicle which has 7 max? gl
  10. after few more tries it worked
  11. my problem is - i press play after downloading whole game, then press my game account, launcher fade out for 5sec, but it doesn't start L2 at all i can keep pressing Play it will fade out each time, but L2.bin is never started debug.log shows only info about starting game my account and that's it - none errors. tried to make full check / restart launcher / disable AV, and none worked, suggestions?
  12. this server looks like better place to play than NCwest or Core, so if we spread word good enough many people may come here straight from official ;D
  13. When you will have time, can you please make this topic in english version too: so we will keep posting link to it around forums =)