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  1. It is the second time i send a ticket. On first ticket still no answer 15 days ago(31/7). And same problem just happened for second time! I use english client, maybe this is the cause.what i did is that i put on auction house around 7.700 damaged spellbooks for sale i get message that registration failed, i see books in my inventory, i make restart client and all books dissapear and there not registered in auction house either. First time i also put around 7.600 damaged spellbooks in AH, again i got registration failed, server rr after some minutes and i loose again all. I have lost this way more than 15 k damaged spellbooks ( around 7.6 first time 7.700 now) Check my tickets please cause no reply for 2 weeks and now again same problem, i think you must check it and find why this happens and also check logs to verify the numbers i am writing and restore those items! thank you!
  2. Well i know its core status of this update but if you keep zarich and akamanah this way, prepare for mass quit since on prime time every day people cannot farm nowhere, refinary, sos, athelia,gos etc the top geared ppl with 5 k+ euro gear take them and normal players can t do nothing vs them. I am not gonna quit but i started again for fun cause lots of people came back. If it is in 1 month normal people quit again and only 2 strong cps stay in each side than i think i do not need to say who will loose most :P
  3. Hello. There are already 7 hours passed when the announcement said 2, and there is no announcement regarding when server will be up again, and what changes/fixes/event were made. Can you at least tell us what is going on or when you will have news? There should also be compensation regarding prestige runes/premium since a whole day was lost cause all prime time is these hours. Thanks!