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  1. fenrir x5

    i disagree, without blue purple white scrolls will be very hard to make more than +9,+10. these are basic stuff u need so can go and farm at least athelia. don t forget we don t play on Godess of destruction, this is 10 updates later and to farm athelia with r99 even with lvl 5 brooch if u don t have + weapon and some talismans will be very hard to farm. and raids are also much more difficult now.
  2. fenrir x5

    i think they are reasonable for opening. no OP stuff.
  3. fenrir x5

    when you say 200 bonus points what is it exactly? 200 bomus points= 200 rubles or 200 bonus points= 200 bonus coins?
  4. fenrir x5

    + to that amd also when u plan on telling what l2 store there will be? also what content will exist if there will be fiadems, dragon shirts, etc? its very important to decide how we gonna invest :D
  5. hahahahahahahahaha what about u malaka? will u pick a side? :O
  6. Hello again! Well i wanted to ask when will you make more announcements about the new server? such as adena, spoil rates etc, will we start with r grade paulina armors weapons? And most important what l2store going to have, with what prices and what will be tarot rewards for first month? so we can plan what we going to do before we start! Thanks!
  7. i don t know thats why i ask :P there was downgrade clan on x10. so will u play? :D what do you mean u love me as the cp section? didn t understand :P I will play for sure, we ll see who we will be for sure in next days :D
  8. i also see downgrade! thing is how many cps? will it have a lot of ppl or only 2-3 cp per clan?? Btw you won t play with destiny?
  9. So since google translate is fucked up, who can write here which clans and cps are gonna play for sure in the new server? i see lots of drama in cp section but don t understand whats going on! :D
  10. Can someone answer please?
  11. Hello, I post about this event that was core event and part of 4game and ruoff servers and it was part from grand crusade update. The event is the following: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/649371/ and its about upgrading magnificent brooches and augment brooch jewells. Are you planning on putting into server or not?
  12. i also don t see something in my event tab! when will it be fixed any news?
  13. i would also like to know because it is essential part of salvation update