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  1. On next update as i heard wont be able extend time anymore, now we can do 300 min more, but no tickets in game, why ?
  2. Is it still not awaillable to buy in game/ l2 store? If yes, any idea when we will have it?
  3. So many people asking for those books, but we had not any answer from admins. Are u preparing something sad for us ?
  4. Administrator, when you planing add spellbooks in game? Can we expect this month? Ty.
  5. We need forgotten books as well atm, any info from admins what you wiling to do?
  6. For 1 Elcyum = 300,000,000 аден Сияющий Золотой Слиток — 10 шт ? Funny price....
  7. 3 stages was with books. 1. Then u could farm from mobs, was cheapest way, dosent matter if they pk u in top spots u had plenty time farm in lover spots for make skills on main char. 2. From taro , that Leflyll mentioned for 2kk most books price was,( i bought even for 1.7kk and made skill. ) So around 500b per skill which is perfect price. 3. And after then im jump insance price ( from altar zone ofc) books went to 1b each. P.s we all know that altar been nerfed by adena drop, so try now farm 1Tera adena for one skill :)) If u cant solo kill mobs in TOI - nothing left.
  8. 4375k rub all way too much... Before people could get drop from mobs and taro a lot cheaper price. New player for that skill would be just dream without donate ofcourse. And these skills must be learned, because we get new updates which brings alot stronger areas such toi / fafurion / dv. Need cut 2x price from 4375 and would be more farmable.
  9. Madness coming again if wont by any drop from pk.... A lot complains will be in forum , speciall effect new players here.
  10. Very well, thanks for answer.
  11. Omg, that didint know...... So bye bye skills ;/ Admins please pay attention on that.
  12. How much obtain now per one taro ? Before update was 2-3k if i`m not wrong?......
  13. Forgotten Spellboks still we have awailable for taro ? ( https://l2wiki.com/Forgotten_Spellbook#Tarot Cards)
  14. Is it drop q item if mobs blue ?
  15. If they reduce adena 3x less from 107 and elcyum price remain 10b each - delete l2.
  17. Can you tell us approximate to wait for next update? Week or months ? Thanks.
  18. R1hanna asked reduce adena drop from altar, I say what is point do that if items like example (elcyum, ls, pvp stones...) from AH cost billions, which before we had 5x less prices all those small stuff.
  19. U want reduce adena drop then elcyum / top r110 ls started cost 5b each ? So u will farm all day then for 1-2 of those item. Nice