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  1. Lol, bad pay attention on that, my bad,to easy would be.
  2. Just found info in patch notes POW 3 https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/197/ Talisman - Destruction may now be purchased with Adena; Energy of Destruction 1,800,000 Adena Annihilation Kaliel's Energy 3,600,000 Adena Hellfire Kaliel's Energy 13,500,000 Adena Desire Kaliel's Energy 135,000,000 Adena Longing Kaliel's Energy 460,000,000 Adena IS IT TRUE ? WILL WE HAVE THIS FEATURE AS WELL? ATM LA VIE EN JEVELS MARKET ARE DEAD NO EOD AT SERVER AT ALL. WOULD BE GREAT TO KNOW. THANKS
  3. Check prices for crystal of down and u will see problem.
  4. Lol yes, because another ton up and it touch not only me ;p
  5. We need this event often please. It helps a lot special for new players.
  6. Recently we already had libra may be and fail who knows, always good to ask for make sure.
  7. One more question for admins plz :) Just want to know will we have red libra instead after update? Thanks
  8. Should be after update part 3, but need that confirm admins for make sure.
  9. We have new ppl in clan where just started to play and they complaining why that pk clan pk me? What i should answer them? They leave chars per nights to get some adena in bs where even its easy spot and low adena drop but all time then back from job they find dead chars... So how much they do profit then 200-400 max? Items cost a lot back to old time prices now... How to them survive?
  10. Thanks for answer, really helps for all i believe.
  11. up !
  12. Hi Admins, give us any clue then we can expect update? Winter, spring or summer time? :) Thanks.
  13. Very good , lets wait then part 3 :)
  14. L2 wiki says that u can exchange those stones for Blessed Scroll: Enchant Dragon Shirt. in Dimensional Merchant . https://l2wiki.com/Noble_Leather_Upgrade_Stone#Sellers Will we have this features in future?
  15. Last year event was like 3h stay afk and after get small reward. Is it coming again that one ?