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  1. Any respond from admins , would like to heard them opinion.
  2. Noble upgrade stones no problem , but radiant it would be nice implement to taro.
  3. U forgot to answer here gm. Is it fafurion new rules to upgrade with 3 stones ? Before update was only 1. And chance to get radiant is to low , very low,not even in markets at all. .... No idea where to get even 3 stones. People who made with one stone not care anymore, but for new people who planing craft it its to hard...(plus u loosing l2 store profit from circlet scroll box because none will enchant radiant circlet with new system). Plz bring back as it was 1 stone for upgrade. Thanks a lot
  4. Eod quest from 5 reduced until 1, any plans to bring back old rates? Or we can forget ?
  5. +1 tottaly fuk up system, cut 60% adena now cant bring back on farm because akamah runing 24/7 around all lineage2.
  6. For eod quest need more reward drop, before update was good rate, now admins took away last chance farm newbies for faster adena. Plz bring back old rates. Thanks alot.
  7. Very good , admin plz chek my new subject about radiant stone.
  8. will u ever remove or keep it ? :)
  9. Hi admins, can you please consider that case. Before merge i been looking to buy that stone for 3 months and could not found in market at all. Tried gambled from l2store boxes too, only noble upgrade stone earned. I understand i could upgrade noble circlet +5 and get that stone, but wanted get cheaper ofc <which i`m now very regret>. Before update we needed only 1 radiant stone for upgrade circlet yes? Now we need 3 totaly^^ which cant see again any stones at all in markets. Lets math now :) If wanna upgrade from circlets :) one noble circlet +5 cost about 350-400b as i seen, totally need 3x = 1.1-1.2trilion adena. Is it logic ? Tell us anyone will spend such a crazy amount adena for only upgrade +0? People rather would go for another boost , but this radiant circlet now has insane price. Just want ask you , can u bring back for 1 stone or put on l2store with much more better chance to earn it.
  10. Can i ask admins ? That PA shop for roses potions will be now all time or for while as compensation ?
  11. where adena and ch items gone ? explain me plz admins?
  12. After update no eod quest anymore ? Whose says here that?
  13. update

    omg finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best day ever today :) thanks for good news admins!!!!