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  1. Yes need again delevel npc as we had before merge.
  2. We had de-level npc in aden as i remember before merge, can we get again?
  3. Any info how many dual box will be available?
  4. Hope this time adena they wont reduce.
  5. WTB>> 5 briliant // diamond. Or wtt>> 5lvl + adena to 6lv.
  6. Admins will you give free 60 days again +8 pve sets for all ? Or it was only once chance ;)
  7. Is it after update will be red libra event and newbie pack sets again for 60 days as old members ? Just two simple questions ;) Ty
  8. Anyone can log to server? Says to me due high traffic log latter ....
  9. I wrote already for support, no i did right trade!!! Had same problem before with eu client, i tried put in auction those books but failed. After decide left on offline trade next day logged in and no adena no books.
  10. Lost my damaged books / adena on offline market , could you check support plz i wrote you for that subject.
  11. Any info about update? Admins told us in 2-3 weeks will be, now third week going , so couple days just left...