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  1. where playing more people classic or god client ?
  2. Hi Admins, everyone talking this days about adena drop after update that will be cut off around 80-90% from old spots. Is it true? If yes can confirm how much % u will reduce , i believe u allready know in test server;]
  3. That offer with circles is only one chance to make radiant, i cant see on market even one stone for sell, about 3 stones just dream.
  4. What does it mean During the corresponding event, the cost of the upgrade is temporarily reduced to 1 stone ? Is that event will be or was for reducing from 3 stones to 1?
  5. Any predicted date untill full update Admins? Can we expect until christmas or next summer ?
  6. up
  7. Geared mage 108lvl lf cp evening for exp/pvp/rb and etc....
  8. Lol I do not believe that offi people changing +5 noble circles (its to expensive) they gambling from box with better chanse.
  9. That would cost me more then whole radiant circlet I believe. Official server people changing as well 3x noble +5 circlet for radiant stones?
  10. Dear admins could u tell me plz how to get radiant stones? I opened 200x boxes recontruction society packs and no any stone again ? spend 6.4k ruble and nothing? Any ideas ? Or u will leave us behind... , why u could not implement in event rewards i dont get it ? Dragon claws / legendary cloacks all those expensive stuff we had, why not radiant will try on? I know that i`m insulting u , but i just simply dont knwo what to do
  11. Ok I understand thems, but people who already have it ? Can enjoy only r gemstones?
  12. Reciently we had that one , most people i believe already have it , u need maybe add same another items for reward too , now i see only gemstones and baits for exchange. Are those baits are same as for pa points or better reward has?
  13. what kind of event will be ?
  14. Since yesterday i have this problem Server Latency / disconect / freeze ? Any ideas whats wrong gm here? i checked another servers all fine , just here nighmare cant play anymore normaly... Need rr server or what ? <seems like couple minutes its all fine and after starting lags dellays like 2-3sec,freezes and disconects sometimes>
  15. Any respond from admins , would like to heard them opinion.