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  1. Ozono, you can play that empty dagger of yours, I will play mine ... as you see on start of movie, fight with Dragon Wep against me ... that is hitting me for 30k dmg, I am more tanky that you were on that Tank of u'rs ... And just so you know , that Savage is from Mystic Orc Dye , in case you don't know what is that =)
  2. Smash , we don't have war with BBB , oh , and yes ... this is a middle range clan , not TOP like they are ...
  3. Miller , you need to relax my friend , you are a racist , we get that ... Thx for Advice Chuck :)
  4. I hope no hate is around :), Since is my 1st video
  5. There is gonna be any event or something to get Energy Of Destruction to upgrade armors and weapons? or how we are supposed to get them ??
  6. Thank God there is GooGle Translate incorporate in google chrome :)
  7. Fenrir

    Any ETA when server will be up ?
  8. I was just wondering if it's gonna be any Libra event , anytime soon ? Anyone has any idea ?
  9. I have been trying to log on server for the past 2 hours , I get disconnect everything , I even reinstall the game , and still no effect ... is there a DDOS on server ? or there is a problem ?
  10. Everytime I try to log in , I get disconnected ... is the server still down ? Or , what is wrong with it ?
  11. There is a bug on the Tanzanite , I cannot use compound on none of them lv 1 or 2 , 3 , 4 , it doesn't show the tanzanite stones on compound menu when open ... I cannot change Tanzanite Lv 4 to Tanzanite Lv 4 Jewelry Box ... Can someone fix this please ?
  12. Hello I was just going to say that, even if I use the Google which it does translate my page, it does not translate those Pictures, and to be honest I dont know any russian ... And what this event gives , is on those Photos uploaded on 1st page :(