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  1. am i understanding this correctly? without PA, we are able to log 1 window only? and with PA we can log extra window? and maximum is 5 windows (4 PA +1) ? if this is correct, my second question is, will there be npc buffer with all buffs? also, vip level can be increased only by spending in l2store? or by killing mobs and collecting coins too?
  2. would be nice to hear a word from administration about update, some date or something ))
  3. @Supervisor @Yanessa @Mark twain if someone bought event rewards like lindvior, dragon weapon fragment, brooch 5 from event abusers, once the abusers are banned and items are removed, will the person who bought the item lose it and get adena back?
  4. try updating to ru client, books probably still in auction
  5. Can we finally get a reply about clan reputation from missions? will it be raised to x5 or x10 (like server xp rates)? question been asked too many times already on both english and russian forum sections and on support tickets. Answer already please.
  6. Supervisor, kodga budet klan o4ki x5 ili x10? ili nebudet?
  7. Supervisor check character "Dicktator. Event abuser with bot, takes all top rewards every single event. And don't bullshit us by saying everyone is playing legit ))
  8. Up. Would be great if administration stopped ignoring english section of the forum ^^
  9. this wasn't the case before the merge, same goes for crp rewards. that's the reason topic was created
  10. can we get a response from administration?
  11. Are you planning to increase clan reputation rewards from missions to x10 to match the server rates? Also maybe you could change clan penalty to 10 minutes instead of 24 hours?