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  1. Рестарт в 10 был, а не в 11. В теме ведь сказано и анонс в игре.
  2. В тех.поддержку напишите, посмотрим в чем дело.
  3. Dear friends, we are continuing to work on improving the server, correcting the shortcomings you told as about. This night, on 29.03.2020 at 10:00 Moscow time (+3 UTC) will be the maintenance of the game server Thor x7. It will take about 30-60 minutes.
  4. Дорогие друзья, 29.03.2020 в 10:00 пройдет технический рестарт серверов версии Classic (Midgard, Thor). Продолжительность работ 30-60 минут.
  5. Антивирус удалил файл. Добавьте папку с игрой в исключение антивируса, отключите его(!) и зайдите в ланчер, меню дополнительно и запустите перепроверку клиента.
  6. О проблеме уже известно, пока скачайте эту версию установщика ланчера. Антивирус может ругаться или вообще не скачивать, так как эта версия не подписана сертификатом (а это установщик). В таком случае, нужно отключить антивирус (даже стандартный Защитник Windows) и повторить попытку загрузки инсталятора.
  7. Напишите в техническую поддержку.
  8. Проблема решена. Если повторится - пишите в техническую поддержку с названием локации.
  9. Еще один супер быстрый рестарт был, исправили цену на заточки - 250 знаков. Сервер доступен, приятной игры.
  10. Пару недель. Попробуем так сделать, но не факт, что получится.
  11. Golden Compass Explorers Toma and Meirin return to the world of Elmoreden. This time, their goal will be to study all the secrets of the Lurin`s fortress. Hurry and become their companions in this difficult exploration. Event Period Event Date Event Period 27.03.2020 - 01.05.2020 Main Period: Golden Compass Explorers Toma and Meirin will arrive in Elmoreden and will be located in Town of Rune. The exploration of Golden Compass will begin and last for weeks. 01.05.2020 End of Event and Deletion of Main Items: Golden Compass Explorers Toma and Meirin will leave Elmoreden. The exploration of Golden Compass will be completed. The following event items will be deleted: Lucien's Mark Toma's Divine Protections Entrance Pass - Lurin's Fortess How to participate Right after the maintenance near the Warehouse Keeper in Town of Rune the Golden Compass Explorers shall appear – Toma and Meirin. Ask Toma to teleport to the Lurin's Fortress dungeon. Lurin's Fortress is a solo-type instanced dungeon. You can enter it once a day. Lurin's Fortress will be available for 6 weeks, after which the explorers will leave Elmoraden till next time. Lurin's Fortress is available twice a day: first time - a common entrance, second time - after using the special ticket that can be purchased in our Store for Adena. The ticket can be bought once a day per account. Event progress As soon as the character enters the Lurin's Fortress, the battle begins. The battle represents itself a coherent defeat of monsters and bosses that attack in waves. Zone is considered to be completed when the final boss Lurin is defeated. However, Lucien's Marks can be obtained from both bosses. There are two stages of battle in the Lurin fortress: You need to destruct units of monsters on the first stage. The intermediate altar boss Battle Demolisher appears After killing them. The second stage also begins with the killing of monsters squads. After killing the monsters, the final altar boss, Rurin, appears. The next stage starts after the destruction of the previous group of monsters. When the stage changes, the complexity of the zone increases. Monster squads appear from 4 passes. The more difficult the stage, the more monsters will appear from each corridor. Additional Information The current wave is displayed with the on-screen message: Battle Demolisher & Lurin appear under the Earth Barrier effect that can be taken down just after making a certain number of hits: 100 hits on Battle Demolisher and 150 on Lurin (damage doesn’t matter). Normal monsters appearing in waves do not drop any items, XP and SP also can’t be gained. Small amount of Adena, certain amount of XP/SP and Lucien's Marks can be gained from the dungeon bosses. Lucien's Marks are added directly to character inventory. The loot value depends on the grade (stage) of the defeated boss: While progressing through the dungeon, you can obtain a special herb after defeating normal monsters at a certain rate that will help you in the zone. The herb gives a random of three effects after picking up: Evelyn helper If a Sigel Knight or Aeore Healer enters the Lurin's Fortress, a helpful assistant NPC — Golden Compass Explorer Evelyn spawns. It appears at a very early stage. Evelyn is a magician and actively uses attacking magic spells of the fire element. When she is surrounded by many enemies, she sometimes uses a massive knockdown skill. You cannot apply buffs on Evelyn, but you can help her with healing in case you have some healing skills. Some Evelyn's skills significantly reduce enemies' HP, especially it will be useful in the battle with the boss. Evelyn is quite skilled fighter, but still she can die. Try not to let that happen! Lucien's mark Reward for defeating the final boss in the Lurin's Fortress will be a special item – Lucien's Mark: Mark can be exchanged through Meirin NPC for a special item – Lucien's Bracelet. Additionally Adena will be required. In the Meirin’s store you can also purchase enchant scroll exclusively for the Lucien's Bracelet. In addition to the special items Meirin can offer several consumables and a Golden Compass Explorers' exclusive items such as Toma's Divine Potection. This item can be also purchased in Store for free (1 per day per account). Purchase reset time is 12 a.m. daily. Toma's Divine Protection can be also purchased for 500 millions Adena from Meirin. Lucien's Marks can be exchanged until the end of the event – September 29. Lucien's Marks can be also spent for buying special event items for the Mammon’s ancient treasure. Lucien's Bracelet can be enchanted up to +10. Success rate is 100%. Depending on the enchant level different types of bracelets apply the effect to a character Lucien's Bracelet - Attack Lucien's Bracelet - Magic Lucien's Bracelet - Defense Event Details Maphr's Rune doesn’t affect the amount of dropped Adena and item drop rate in Lurin's Fortress. Toma's Divine Protection is a 24-hour item, the item timer starts ticking right after purchase. It disappears from the character's inventory after Lurin boss is defeated. All buffs remain while entering Lurin's Fortress. Restrictions Event items have a number of restrictions: Good luck!