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  1. Sorry yanessa , if the problem with coupons was already posted on this forum it wasn't on english section... everything only gets posted on russian section ... lol
  2. alright... how many more months u think players will wait until they quit? whats the point of even having the server open for other people if you only favorite russian players? THEY can donate ... WE can't .. so, do you think this is fair? donation should be closed for everyone if you dont let others donate. are you coming up with a new way to donate for us or are you just gonna keep ignoring the people who already invested in this server?
  3. So ... for a while now non russian players haven't been able to donate which makes us VERY behind on everything, no exp runes, no prestige , no exp items no vitality items etc etc , this has been like this for over a month , do you think this is fair?... also i have been waiting for compensation over some Heine fishing tickets for over 1 week now, i bought bugged coupons from a player.... how do you explain this? preference over russian players? i don't know.. trying to donate in any of the credit card links says credit card if from a wrong country, all my friends experience this! This is what you call hospitality ? please think about us too, get another way to donate, maybe paypal or at least make credit card that accept more countries. i also wrote it here because YOU NEVER answer to someone who writes in English section.............
  4. and also this server is not very welcoming to non russian people.
  5. is there any other form of payment for out of europe people you can provide us now until pipiload is back up?
  6. Pipiload not working for oustide of europe people, it doesnt redirect you to pipiload, ence we cannot put the code in gamecoast site. please take a look at this, been waiting so long, kinda making me not want to buy anything ... ''if i could right now...''
  7. Please fix the map in game, in alot of areas i only see big black squares, can you please fix this? :(
  8. The USA Proxy on Server Selection is not working, nothing happens when i select it , it has been like this for over a week now, can this be fixed? playing on the DDOS Protected on server selection gives me wayyyyyy to much lag. please fix it
  9. Buying Enchant Armor R grade in Bulk, 1.2kk each Send COD MAIL to ((((( Nerva )))))
  10. It has been almost a Week that me and a few of my clan members have been opening the Hunting Reward Bonus Boxes and the box is empty, can this please be looked at? 5 days of loosing Daily coins is ALOT... Nerva Ingame
  11. Clan soon to be Lv.11 Full Skills / Clan Hall / Castle / Active Comunity Recruiting All Levels and All Classes. We have our own Teamspeak and have both Lv.4 Login Bonus and Hunting Bonus. Please PM or Mail Nerva In Game for more Info. Enjoy The Server Have Fun Nerva